How to Add a Video on Mac to iPad Keynote

Want to create a stunning presentation and share it with your audiences more easily? Then you might get this: unable to insert your video to iPad keynote. That's because you may store your video on your Mac insetad of the new iPad. In that case, you need make sure:

  • The video format is compatible with iPad like MP4, MOV and M4V, because the three is officially required by Apple iPad. If not, the video should be converted to.
  • The video is in the iTunes library. Then it's available to transfer to your new iPad.

Here we go to the step by step guide:

Part 1: Convert and Import the Video to iPad

iPad officially reports that only videos in MP4, MOV and M4V file formats can be supported. So if you happen to have some media files in other formats like AVI, 3GP, AVCHD etc. which are recorded by your phone camera or Canon camcorder, if you want to add video to iPad Keynote on Mac, you have to convert the video to iPad friendly format first.

To do to video to iPad conversion, a professional Video Converter for Mac is a great helper which provides you with superb fast conversion speed, while keep the target videos in good quality as well. what's more, with the app, you can edit you videos briefly. What's more important is that for saving your time, the tool even offers an predefined setting for iPad.

Here is how to do the video conversion:

video in iPad Keynote

  1. Add videos to the app. Directly drag & drop video to iPad Mac Video Converter. Batch conversion is workable, so you can add several files together. If there are several video clips, you can switch on "Merge" mode to combine all videos into one.
  2. Set your output format:  go to Device section in the format tray, then select iPad as the output format. Of course, there are other choices, like MP4, MOV and so on.
  3. To make your videos more interesting, you can edit these videos by changing the video effect, setting the zoom and cropping the video frame size
  4. Hit "Convert" to start video to iPad conversion on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion included)
  5. Import output files to iTunes and sync it to iPad. If you choose iPad or other "Apple Device" as the output format, the target video could be imported to iTunes automatically. So it's ready to sync to your device when conversion complete.

To get detailed information about how to edit videos, you can go to the user guide of Video converter for Mac for detailed info.

Part 2: Add Video to Keynote iPad

As far as we know, the only way you can add video to Keynote on iPad is from the PHOTOS app. If you synced the video to the VIDEOS app on the iPad, you can't add videot to Keynote from there. So here is how to sync the Keynote compatible video to PHOTOs app so you can add video to Keynote slide. 

  1. Create a folder on Mac and put the photos and videos you want to use with Keynote into this folder
  2. Open iTunes, choose your iPad, and choose the PHOTOS tab on top.
  3. Choose "Sync Photos from Pictures" (instead of iPhoto).
  4. Check "Selected Folders" and "Include Videos".
  5. Check the folder with your video you want to add to Keynote.
  6. Start syncing to iPad.

Once you've synced the converted videos to your iPad with iTunes, do the following to add a video to a Keynote slide.

  1. Tap the icon of Media download iskysoft software up to the top-right of the iPad display.
  2. Press Media when the Photo Albums page opens, .
  3. Click the album containing your video.
  4. Tap the video thumbnail you want.
  5. Press "Use". Tap the play icon download iskysoft software, then the video and audio will play automatically.

That's it! Have a nice time! For any video that is incompatible with Keynote, convert it with iSkysoft Mac Video Converter.

John O'Goats
Works fine. I saved to a folder on my desktop, opened iTunes, followed the instructions and it worked flawlessly. Keeps other pictures and videos on the iPad too. The only thing I would like to see is more options for controlling play on the video, like a pause button and volume control.
Great article/tutorial. A really cool eBook on the Apple iBookstore that will answer a lot of your Keynote for iPad ?\'s is Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook). The enhanced ebook has video and other interactive content. Worth a look and the $9.99. Check it out -
This worked for me too. I wish there was a way to permanently embed video file in Keynote Ipad APP slide for all who opened the presentation. I share presentations with sales team on dropbox. Looks like every IPAD has to have related video files in their photo gallery.
Chriss DQ
OK ! Here is the way for add the support Video to slice on Keynote Open the Itunes and move to the Photos Colum Click to Sync Photos and Include video then click \"Choose Folder\" and move to folder on the computer which contain the movie file then click Apply. You will see the video folder on the keynote
Why not sync or transfer video to iPad? Use iTunes or the more powerful SyncPod without iTunes, you can even use Dropbox.
Hi everyone, I had trouble using this method. As an alternative this is what I do. It works with 25 MB videos maximum. I e-mail my video to myself using gmail (which gives a 25MB max on e-mails). Then I open the e-mail on my iPad, and I download the video. Still in mail, I press and hold the downloaded video and I select \'Save Video\'. Now it is in Photos. In Keynote I use the + symbol to insert media, and I can select the video I just added to Photos. I hope this helps! When someone knows of a way to attach bigger files to e-mail, please let me know! (
I had to add it to a USB app, then save to photo album.
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