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To copy videos/movies to your iPad via iTunes, you must ensure that the videos are in the formats that iPad supports, the iTunes is the one that you ususally used to do transferring, and no data downloaded from the Internet, shared from other people are on your iPad. If you can't meet the requirements, then you can't copy movies to iPad, unless you try to copy movies to iPad without iTunes. This article tells you how to put videos to iPad without iTunes.

Before we get down to the task, let's see the tools we need:

  • A Mac or Windows PC
  • iPad and with its USB cable
  • iSkysoft TunesOver

iSkysoft TunesOver - A Must Tool for iPad, iPhone and iPod Users

iSkysoft TunesOver is a must tool for Apple device users to enhance their mobile life. It's the best iTunes companion. It does what iTunes can: copy songs, videos, and photos to iPad/iPhone/iPod. The highlight is it does what iTunes can't: convert videos and songs to Apple device supported formats, copy songs and other media files from Apple device to iTunes Library, a local drive on computer, to other Apple devices, etc. Below, i'm going to introduce how to use it to copy videos to iPad without iTunes.

Download TunesOver the trial version to check out how it works! Seperated version for Windows PC and Mac are available.

Note: The latest TunesOver is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.11, El Capitan, Windows 10, iOS 9 and the latest iPad models, like iPad Pro and iPad mini 4.

Part 1. Copy Movies in ANY Format to iPad from Mac/PC

connect ipad to mac
Step 1: Connect your iPad to your Mac

After installing TunesOver on your Mac, launch the program. Then connect your iPad to your Mac with a USB cable. The program will detect your device and show the iPad information on the main interface.

select movies
Step 2: Select the Movie Files

Then open the "Movies" tab on the left pane of the main interface. Click the "Add" button on the top left corner of the main interface, and you will get a pop-up window to browse files. Just select the movies you want from your local hard drive.

copy movies to ipad
Step 3: Start Copying Movies to iPad without iTunes

Then click "OK" to confirm your selection. Then movies will be copied to your iPad immediately. This smart program can detect the file format. If the movie is incompatible with your iPad, it will automatically convert the file to your iPad friendly format. Just feel easy to copy movies to iPad without iTunes.

Part 2. Copy Movies to iPad from another iPad/iPod/iPhone

If your files are stored on other iOS devices, you can also use TunesOver for Mac (or iSkysoft TunesOver for Windows) to copy files to your target iPad, because this app enables you to freely transfer content between multiple iOS devices that have connected to your Mac at the same time. It's a very convenient solution to share music. For example, you can transfer songs from iPhone to iPad and iPod.

To copy iPad/iPhone/iPod movies to iPad, first copy movies to iTunes/Folder. And then switch to your target iPad from the top left corner, and drag and drop movies from the iTunes/Folder to your device. 

If the files are currently stored on other place rather than your computer, copy them to your computer first, and then use TunesOver to transfer movie files to iPad no matter they are in iPad compatible or incompatible format. Note that if the files you want to transfer are purchased on iTunes Store, you need authorize your computer first. To do so, launch iTunes and go to "Store" > "Authorize this Computer...". Now try it for free. 

Video Tutorial: Transfer Videos to iPad without iTunes

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Because when people are comparing platforms, it's ridiculous that you can't just use your device as a drive and drag and drop files. There are a lot of good things about apple products, but this is just ridiculous.
Who cares about whether a different operating system is easier to use or not. this article details methods of working with iOS content. Not android content. if you want to flame apple, go hang out on engadget.
how do you copy a video on your ipad with a imac
Works flawlessly. The last two posters didn\'t take the time to actually read anything about the product, or use it or they would understand it works device to device directly (no iTunes), or to backup content back to iTunes (or your computer, or another device). Good product!
so how do you put files on the I-pad without using I-tunes?
your heading says to copy files without Itunes yet all you talk about is using Itunes

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