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How to add, send and open iPad email attachments

Q:  "How do I email multiple attachments with my new iPad? Specifically I want to send an email with multiple pages documents in a single email. I am NOT interested in sending multiple photos I already know how to do that.

A:  To add, send and open email attachments on your iPad, you need first to understand what kind of files you can attach to your iPad email.Your iPad's mail app supports the following:

  • Photos in .jpg, .tiff, .gif
  • Microsoft files: .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls and .xlsx
  • Web pages: .htm and .html
  • Keynote: key
  • Numbers: .numbers
  • Pages: .pages
  • Preview and Adobe Acrobat: .pdf
  • Others: .rtf, .vcf and .txt

But in fact, you can easily send photos as email attachments, but you're still unable to add other files like PDFs, words as the iPad email attachments. So if you need to attach words or other files to your email, you can use Copy/Paste option: go to your iPad email -> create a new email -> save it as draft -> open the file you wanna attach-> copy the items then return to your email draft -> paste -> then send your iPad email as you usually do.

If you need to attach a iWork file, you can choose the document from the Gallery, then tap on the first button in the toolbar (lower left) and select ‘Send via Mail’.

Email Attachments on iPad

And if you have received some emails with attachments on your new iPad, you can open the email attachments like these:

1. iPad email attachments - Photos

If you received an iPad email with photos attached, you can tap on the photos and hold until you see a popover menu where you could choose Save image to add it to your photo library.

Email Attachments on iPad

2. iPad email attachments - RTF and PDF files

Some RTF or PDF files are in the iPad email? Then to open these kinds of files, you can tap on the icon of the file to open it in Quick Look. You can only view and copy text from these files, no edit.

Email Attachments on iPad

3. iPad email attachments - iWork and Office documents

If you got some Word, Keynote or other iWork and Office files, you can also hold them to open Quick Look to view. Also no edit available.

Email Attachments on iPad

After you've read your iPad Email attachments, you then can get out of Quick Look: tap on the iPad screen and select the Done button. Then you will get backto the iPad Mail app. (Or “Open in Pages” if there is the Pages app installed on the device.)

Email Attachments on iPad

More info about iPad Email: iPad Email Help – Setting Up and Troubleshooting Mail

A very easy way is to open PDF in iBooks (it is free app from Apple). From iBooks, you can mail pdf files. Very easy way, it was Solved!
Quickest way to attach multiple files to email replies is with links. Doesn\'t matter what storage/document app you use (dropbox, box, mega, pages, numbers, etc..) - they all have the share option nowadays \"copy link\". So when replying to an email/writing a new one, just open dropbox and copy link - swipe back to your email and paste. Do this with as many documents as you want and send the mail..
Greetings. As a brand new Mini IPad user, I can\'t figure out how to turn an email attachment (an Adobe document) into a file that I can open in an online job application. At present, when I click on the \'file\' in the job application page, all I get are the photos I have taken on the IPad. I\'ve read the discussion below, I don\'t think it\'s the same issue. Any suggestions from all you IPad wizards out there? Thank you all very much.
Pissed off ipad owner
Just another POS app that does not work, do not purchase. Still cannot attach documents to reply in emails with out going through multiple steps. Get real Apple, what is more important, your ego or customer service....... Your ego.
thanks for the suggestion with iAttachment, works great!
I just want to send emails with images as a file attachment the same as in Outlook to customers instead of the image being already open in the actual email wording itself. Is this possible from an iPad?
I need to OPEN and email attachment. I have downloaded a PDF Reader from Itunes, but the attachment STILL wont open. How do you OPEN an attachment to an email on an iPad? (the first suggestion, re pressing down and opening it in QuickLooks, doesn\'t work either)
I did. Thank you. It works perfectly. It takes a minute to get your bearings with it, but once you use it a couple of times, it\'s fantastic. Thanks again for the suggestion.
you can only email one document at a time in separate emails doing it this way. You can\'t email several documents in a single email, which is what the original question is about.
Is no one looking at iAttachment (app on iTunes). It allows you to make multiple file selections and email. Come on guys, it works and iPad works for business too. I am using it pretty well
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