There are many formats supported by iPad/iPhone/iPod which makes it possible to play FLV files. This type of mobile devices has surpassed what many others offer thus will always be a smart choice if you have FLV files to play. For video, you will enjoy using formats like MPEG-4, M-JPEG, AAC-LC, MP4 and PCM. Audio formats supported by iPad/iPhone/iPod include AAC, MP3, AAX and WAV.

Part 1. Top 10 FLV Player on iDevices





This player supports videos under key formats including Xvid, DivX, VOB, WMV, AXI and MKV. Flex:player has many versions in the market with each offering improved performance. That is the sole greatest advantage that succeeding versions of Flex:player have offered to users. It also has a widespread application for iPad/iPhone/iPod. It can stop playing videos abruptly which is a regrettable thing with Flex:player.

    OPlayer Lite

it has a media player for both audio and video files and will help to enhance media abilities of your iPad/iPhone/iPod. It is good for streaming both video and audio files online. OPlayer Lite has very easy-to-use interfaces which is one of its significant improvements.

    viPlay Lite

This is a late video player entrant into the market. It makes it possible for one to play and watch videos using an iPad/iPhone/iPod with no requirements to convert. It is advantageous in that the user can download, stream or play any file format from the server. It’s user-friendly even for kids thanks to its unique interfaces.

    VM Player Lite

This is an extremely good video and audio player for iPad/iPhone/iPod. You will have ease in using it because its interfaces are designed to suit that. Furthermore, VM Player Lite supports a variety of file formats both for audio and video. There are folders forming part of VM Player Lite which operate as playlists.

    PlayerXtreme HD

You can use this to play flv on ipad while still on the move. It matters not what format your files are in as PlayerXtreme HD comes with flexibility to the user. You might be on the road, in a vehicle or in a gym and streaming your videos will be very easy. It can be frustrating at times since downloads take time to complete.


This application is used to guarantee safety to personal documents and files. iSafePlay will make sure no unwanted parties come into close contact with your files without prior consent. There is a unique code that will make sure your iPad/iPhone/iPod is always locked to keep your top secrets intact.

    Azul Media Player

it is a travel application that will make sure you are not bored while in an airplane or even vehicle travelling. It facilitates one to enjoy streaming video from iPad/iPhone/iPod and no conversion is required. Azul Media Player has an internally built downloader which is an advantage over the rest as it accepts majority video formats.

    iMedia Player

All your frustrations of playing video will be taken away by the iMedia Player since it supports a wide variety of formats. Once you have downloaded this app, it will be very easy adding video files by simply dragging and dropping. Its biggest advantage is no requirement for conversion before videos play. Like any other product of technology, it can fail you unexpectedly.

    CineXPlayer HD

Playing flv on iPad is not easy but this application makes all that achievable. You will have a convenient option for managing your online videos with CineXPlayer HD. Its high innovativeness and assured customer satisfaction are the main advantages of CineXPlayer HD. It supports a wide variety of formats even though there are few that it can’t play.


This is the best way to enjoy watching your videos using iPad/iPhone/iPod. You don’t require any effort to play your favorite video format with AVPlayerHD since it supports almost all. Likewise, you will not have to convert your videos before playing with AVPlayerHD which is highly beneficial.

Over and above, iSkysoft Video Convertor for Mac is the best option for playing and converting FLV to iPad/iPhone/iPod.

Part 2. Other ways to play FLV on iDevices


Converting FLV to MP4 video which is supported by iPad/iPhone/iPod

There are many ways in which you can play FLV on iDevices. One such way is converting FLV to MP4 video which is supported by iPad/iPhone/iPod. For your video to play with iPhone, it has to be converted to the MP4 format where a professional convertor is used.With that, you will be able to play flv on ipad smoothly.


Using the iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac

Alternatively, you can have the choice of having your FLV file converted to MOV format using the iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac. This format is very safe and secure for playing videos over the iPhone since it supports a load of formats. Its conversion speed is very high and its easily transportable device preset makes MOV format a good choice for playing FLV with iPad/iPhone/iPod.

Both options are proven to deliver positive results

It also should be considered to complement what the ten discussed earlier will offer you. Issues of compatibility are well taken care of and that is a rare thing to encounter when playing FLV on iDevices. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or iPod; you have a reason to enjoy with the best experience your movies and other videos using a mobile device.

Part 3. Steps to convert FLV to iPhone with iSkysoft video converter for Mac

Once you have downloaded an installed the application, here is the step by step on how to convert FLV to iPhone with iSkysoft video converter for Mac to high-definition quality:

flv to ipad, ipod, iphone

Step 1. Loading the exact files that you plan to convert but not before you locate them. Make sure they are stored in a folder that can be easily navigated because you don’t have to waste a lot of time on one step. The right way to add these files is dragging and dropping directly even though there are other options for you to explore. You have to be sure that the output format you have selected is fully compatible with the video.

Step 2. There will be no specialized settings required but choosing iPhone is necessary before the conversion process begins. You will now be ready to convert your FLV to iPhone with iSkysoft video converter for Mac and the process should start in earnest. Beware that only files that have been imported and selected the right formats will be converted. You can repeat the same procedures over and over again once there are other videos to be converted from FLV to iPhone with iSkysoft video converter for Mac.
flv to ipad, ipod, iphone

Step 3. Notably, FLV is compatible with many formats which will make your conversion work even easier. However, you have to select a format that will work well with your iPhone in converting FLV with the iSkysoft video converter for Mac. It is just easy to play flv on iPhone.

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