How to Sync Google Contacts with iPad without iTunes

As an iPad user, you must find that it’s sometimes trouble to use Google services on iOS devices. Here the article shows you how to sync Google contacts with iPad step by step:

1. Go to Settings

2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Choose Add Account…

4. Choose Microsoft Exchange.

sync contacts to ipad

5. Enter your account information. (The domain name is optional)

sync contacts ipad

6. Type up your Google email address as the Username.

7. Enter the Password.

8. Tap Next at the top right of the login box.

9. Enter as the Server

10. Tap Next again.

sync contacts ipad

11. Now you can sync Google mail, contacts or calendars on your new iPad by turning them on or off.

12. Tap Save.

sync contacts to ipad

13. Press Sync twice when/if warned about data loss.

14. Then select the option your would like with the Existing Local Contacts.

15. Then press Save at the top.

sync gmail contacts with ipad

After your synced the Google Gmail, contacts or calendars on your iPad, you now need to go back to Settings and reset the settings you just changed.

Tip: If you have multiple calendars, gmail, Google contacts needed to be synced to your new iPad, you can open on Safari -> Tap on Device and select the target Calendars -> Save.

Kickass.. thank u bro :)
Worked great. Thanks so much.
The correct way to go about it is open Add account Click on Other Click on Add cardDAV account Under server type in Username is ur google email Ur password Click next Open Contacts on ur device and it should start sync in a bit.
Where do I find Advanced Settings? I\'m having absolutely no luck with Exchange. It asks for another password that I don\'t know after I save all the info.
This process fails numerous times on ipad 4. Not sure the software is any different but can you suggest another way to get my google contacts into my ipad? I\'m having no luck.
Thank you :) very useful information!
Thank you very much. It works for ipad retina display
After doing all of this I get a message that says, \"Cannot get mail connection to the server failed\"!
PERFECT! Any side effects? issit a 2 way sync?
Thank you Güneş Aydın ! Been trying all day with no luck until found your post. Thank you again !
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