How to Upload iPad Video to Facebook

The biggest social networking website is Facebook. It helps you to communicate with your friends through videos, photos, words, etc. Till date, iPad is among the best devices for the Internet browsing, checking emails, watching movies, and much more. For making Facebook and iPad experience more exciting, ISkysoft has some helpful tricks and tips for you. The article is divided into 2 parts. This page is the part 2, mainly talking about how to upload video from iPad to Facebook.

Part 2: How to upload iPad video to Facebook

Without any doubt, you're able to upload their iPad videos to Facebook through Facebook app. To do so, log into your Facebook account, head to the status bar and use the upload option to send videos and images directly to Facebook. The difficult task arises when your video is very large, then you require considerable time for uploading. So how can users split their videos or upload only some portion of the video much quickly and easily? 2 methods are available. 

Method 1: Trim and Edit Video for Facebook

Using a video editor for Mac to optimize your video before uploading to Facebook. iSkysoft Video Editor for Mac is a Mac video editing tool which enables you to split, trim, crop, rotate your video, and apply fantastic effects in clicks. You can then export it to a Facebook friendly format for uploading. Below are the detailed steps.

  • download iskysoft software
  • download iskysoft software

1. Transfer your iPad video back to your Mac

In case the video on iPad has been recorded through iPad camera one can simply transfer that video to Mac using iPhoto. So first connect iPad to Mac with a USB cable, then start iPhoto application if it doesn't run. In iPhoto you'll see videos and photos after clicking on the device name presents at left sidebar of iPhoto. Afterwards, choose the target video, move towards top right corner of iPhoto interface  and you'll see the Import Selected button. Click on this button and your video will appear on the Last Import section. Then right click on the imported video and select Copy. Finally right click on desktop and choose Paste to put iPad video on desktop.

iPad video to facebook

2. Open video editor for Mac and shorten the iPad video

After starting iSkysoft video editor, drag and drop iPad video from desktop to the program. You'll find the video on the timeline. Then highlight it and click the Cut button above the timeline. In the cutting dialog, drag the slider to the frame you want trim the clip, and then click the "Done" button to trim it. For more features, go to User Guide of Video Editor for Mac.

iPad video to facebook

Method 2: Trim and Edit Facebook Video with iMovie

Most Mac computers usually have a native video editing tool named iMovie for you to split your video. Here is how to edit video for Facebook using iMovie '11: 

  1. Plug your iPad into your Mac.
  2. Open iMovie.
  3. Go to File > Import from camera in the top menu bar.
  4. You will see all captured videos on your new iPad, select those you want to import to iMovie,
  5. At bottom of iMovie interface, move the mouse cursor to the point where you wanna it to be beginning of the video click it and then move the cursor to the point where is the end of the iPad video which would be uploaded.
  6. After the selection, drag and drop to the top left area.
  7. Select part you don't want by dragging.
  8. Go to Edit > Cut.
  9. Now you have shortened the iPad video. To share to Facebook, go to Share menu and select Facebook,
  10. Login Facebook with your ID and password.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Done.

upload iPad video to facebook

Well, maybe you can go finding some iPad applications to do so.
How can I download a video I did from my ipad to facebook with out using my desktop computer?
I just want to send it to a specific friend but I don\'t have that option?
Helped me a lot! Thanks to you! And I\'m patient also whether long or not, I just can\'t be bothered cutting film.
It depends. Follow these tips while you\'re exporting video from iMovie: 1) make it shorter. 2) make it a smaller dimension, e.g from 1080x720 to 320x240. 3) reduce the bit rate, frame rate, etc. 4) Use h.264 for a better compression ratio. FLV format is an ideal format to compress the video to a very small size, but iMovie doesn\'t support FLV, try a video converter like iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac.
Can u actually compress and make video smaller in iMovie?
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