How to Connect Your Mac and Xbox 360

So you have an Xbox 360 and wanna play videos on Xbox360, no wireless router nearby, but you do have a wifi-enabled Mac? In this case you can "borrow" your Mac's Internet connection. Now, as with a lot of things, if you were using a Windows PC, the process would be easy.  But, for Mac, well, it get's a little tricky. No need to worry, though. This article explains the baby steps to connect your Xbox 360 to Mac OS X's Internet sharing option.

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  • download iskysoft software


Before you getting down to configure, do below:

Open the Terminal (in Applications -> Utilities) - input "ifconfig en0" (zero, not a capital-o).

The part you are looking for is named "inet".

After that, record the IP address of your wireless router.

On Mac

  1. Connect your Mac to your wireless Internet connection
  2. Connect your Xbox 360 to your Mac by Ethernet
  3. Choose Sharing in system Preference, then enables Internet sharing between Ethernet connection and your Airport.

Note: If you wanna play Mac video to the Xbox 360, make sure the video is compatible. Learn more: stream Mac video to Xbox 360.

On Xbox 360

  1. Launch your Xbox and move on to the Network settings menu
  2. In the IP address tab, input the number you have got from the "ifconfig en0" command earlier on, but with the final number one place higher. In my case, I use the, and enter in the IP address box on my Xbox 360.
  3. In the subnet, enter
  4. In the router/gateway, input the number you have got earlier from the "ifconfig en0" command. In my case, that's ""
  5. Go on to DNS. Enter the IP address of your wireless router (in my case, it is "") in both the primary and secondary IP address fields
  6. Leave PPPoE and Advanced settings blank (i.e. OFF and Automatic)
  7. Now you should be able to connect your Mac to Xbox Live by your Internet sharing.

After the Internet connection, you can play videos on Xbox360, play video games, shop online etc. for more fun. 

BTW, if you have any trouble importing videos on Xbox, such as failure to play video in either AVI, MOV or M4V on Xbox, use Video Converter for Mac to convert incompatible formats to those compatible with Xbox. To help you save time and get an efficient solution, you are highly recommended this one: iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac.

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Does this make xbox 360 games show up on your mac
this did not help shit.
Awesome! Thanks!
Adam Cash
Yes, the latest version already supports Xbox One as an output device.
Will this work on the Xbox One as well?
At first I had problems getting it to work (DNS errors) then I discovered why: In network preferences, you need to ensure that the Airport is at the top of the priority list, and I suggest making Ethernet second. By default, the ethernet is at the top, meaning it\'s trying to get internet from the Xbox :/ Changing this worked for me.
Thank you. It worked. Network went to crap after installing 10.6.8. Hate to get the new 10.7 this month but need it for iCloud.
Thanks - worked for me!
Beautifully explained. Thanks!
i ignored the first step and moved on to the \"On Your Mac\" step and it worked fine
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