Fastest Video Converter: Convert Video at Lightning Speed

The importance of speed in converting video files cannot be emphasized enough. Video files are often long and therefore, risk taking a long time in case a person wants to get them converted. Because of this, the fastest video converter would undoubtedly be something that people would appreciate enormously. If such a converter is used, not only will the process be less tiresome, but in some cases it can also be cheaper. A faster video converter saves you more time and money.

What's The Fastest Video Converter?

So what's the fastest video converter on the market? The search for the fastest video converter most likely ends with the advent of iSkysoft, in the video converter market. If one is familiar with video converters, he may have heard about iSkysoft. This is because, at present, this is one of the fastest video converters available. The manufacturers of the software confidently claim that their software is about 30 times faster than the average video converter that a person will be able to find. According to the test data, you can even convert a 2-hour movie in 5 minutes! There's no doubt about the fact that this is an exceptionally high figure. Below is the conversion speed comparison chart of major video converter for Mac on the market.

fastest video converter comparison

Test source videos: Length - 30 minutes; Resolutions - 1080p, 720p and 480p.

Why iSkysoft Video Converter Is The Fastest and Best Video Converter?

If one thinks that its speed is the only plus point that iSkysoft has, then he would be very wrong. The main reason why people often choose this converter over others is its simplicity of design. It has all the functions and features that any other contemporary converter would provide, minus the unnecessary complications. This results in a kind of interface that any person can easily install, operate and make use of. Why not get a free trial now?

For those who are wondering what kind of files iSkysoft Video Converter supports, the answer would be MKV, M4V, FLV, MPG, AVI, MTS, M2TS, TS, MOV, TRP and many more. The formats that they can expect to get as output are any popular video format. So, as we can see, almost all common formats have been taken care of. This itself is one of the reasons that iSkysoft is rated so high on the list of popular video converters.

Apart from simple conversions, people can also use this highly useful software to customise the files that they are converting. All regular video editing tools like trimming, cropping, effects, subtitles are supported. Video editing can be done rather easily with the help of iSkysoft Video Converter.

Last but not the least, this converter is definitely one of the fastest video converters that converts video in high quality. Powered by iSkysoft's industry-leading encoding technology, iSkysoft Video Converter makes it possible to convert video with ZERO quality loss. You'll benefit from speed and quality in one place.

Fast and Easy to Use Video Converting Software

Below I'll show you how to use this fastest video converting software - iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac.


Add files to this fast video converter

After installed the application, open iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac from Application folder or anywhere you've installed it to.

import video to the fastest video converter


Choose an output format

You can now simply click on any format in the format tray to choose an output format. The preset profiles of devices is very convenient because the format, resolution, bit rate and other video settings have been preset. You don't need to find out the video settings yourself to make almost any video compatible with your devices.

convert video with fastest video converter


Start to convert to video

Click the Convert button to convert added video to the selected format fast and easy with iSkysoft Mac Video Converter. It's usually minutes needed.

Thanks to the remarkably good speed, people no longer have to wait and wait or their videos to get converted. Also, the output file is of high quality as this software tries to attain a perfectly lossless conversion. This is why, iSkysoft, one of the fastest video converters, is also one of the best.

That's Really Cool ! i converted a 2h and a Half an HD Movie in Only 7 Minuts !
vid-testing 2 speedup watcing
Free video splitter so far has been the fastest option for me. I will try out a few more programs and see what is better, including this one, although it's faster and we can watch more shows the output is always slightly larger then the original size even in WMV which is the only format his XBox supports, (packing a flash drive with limited space makes more sense, to cram more vids onto it to free my PC from backlog shows and space, I have had to abandon a few shows like some alaskan survival shows and stick with shorter shows like cooking series and a few nature programs and a few others, (and a slower encoder which takes 3x to encode, but makes the file extremely smaller to put more vids on the drive) I'll get back with you in the future with the results. I am looking for one that encodes a bit slower then 1.5x speed at playback, a friend of mine and myself watch a lot of videos and tv shows, to save time I encode them to play back faster, but he is older and can't always understand the fast talking, so shows are hit and miss depending on how fast they talk and he quickly loses interest when i speed vids up in order to save time to watch them, so i am at a loss, so am forced to encode at normal speed so he will watch them thus a backlog of shows builds up, I go to his place early so we can watch said shows. But he is in paint/artwork mode or listening to music and at the last min decides to watch a vid before going to bed when I have so many for us to watch, I had to scrap whole series to keep up and now he doesn't want to watch gadget man cause they have another guy hosting it. LOL can't win for lose
it is faster then Movavi video converter?
This software is really fast. Any video converter is a tortoise in front of iskysoft
It's not converting in 5 minutes. Taking an hour to convert video files.
brian I've tried many video convert and I confess iSkysoft fast indeed. but the problem is if I want to change the aspec ratio without changing the image size, for example: image size 352x240 with aspect ratio 2:35 or 47:20 in the other video convert enaough changed in parameters the column aspect ratio 2:35 or 47:20, but iskysoft must change the size image so that it could be 2:35 aspect ratio that is 544X230 size picture and it may take some time to convert it. Video connvert value that can be changed aspect ratio such as ImTOO , xilisoft, aiseesoft etc. iskyssoft can not be changed while the value aspect ratio need to resize the image.
Brian Fisher
Hi Pedder, is there any problem when you try out this program? And would you please give us more details about the problem and send to ?
I am yet to see a 5 minute far it has been 65 minutes.......
A faster video converter saves you more time and money, i agree with you about this statement.. Saving time is very must. Most of the other program would take hell of time to convert the videos. but the above program is awesome, it barely tool 3 mins thats it
Yes, the 2 hour movie conversation took only 5 minutes to convert the complete video.. thats an amazing feature for this software. So you must try it once, although you can try the trial version to test its performance.
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