FLAC Player: How to Play FLAC on Mac

Countless Mac users regularly face problems in playing various types of format files such as FLAC files. Users encounter problems while playing FLAC files on Mac because of different types of codec issues and the fact that Apple products such as Mac have not been programmed to describe various types of format files such as FLAC. This is the main reason why most Mac users prefer to upgrade their Macs to Lion or Mountain Lion. However in case you do not wish to upgrade your OS you can always use video converter that is compatible with any Mac OS.

Solution 1: VLC - Free FLAC Player for Mac

playing wmv on Mac, vlc-media- playerYou can use a universal media player along with a video converter, such as VLC player. The VLC player works seamlessly on Mac and other Apple products and can be used for converting various types of format files such as FLAC format files into compatible formats. However you must ensure that you download Front Row to import the FLAC files into the VLC player conversion. The VLC player is also limited to the fact that the converted files cannot be transferred to other electronic devices for playback and neither can the files be transferred to other Apple products for playback.

Get VLC Media Player

Solution 2: Convert and Play Flac Files on Mac

One of the widely used ways to play FLAC files on Mac is to use the iSkysoft video converter for Mac , which provides the best conversion for a wide variety of format files. With the video converter for Mac, you can convert the FLAC format files into a format of your choice or you can convert the FLAC format files into Mac compatible formats such as MOV or MP4. The biggest advantage of using the iSkysoft video converter for Mac is that it is compatible with different Mac OS such as Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion and Lion. Moreover to use video converter you do not require downloading of any additional component or media player.

  • download iskysoft software
  • download iskysoft software

How to convert Flac with iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac

iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac converts FLAC files to Mac supported formats with no quality loss in an extrordinary fast speed. The conversion only takes few easy steps.

play flac on macFirstly drag your FLAC files to the program window and select the output format in the bottom.
Then you just need to click the "Convert" button to start conversion.
When the conversion is over, you can open the output folder and play the converted Flac files with Quick Time easily.

Solution 3: Use Perian Plugin to Play FlAV with QuickTime (Mavericks excluded)

PerianIn addition to the video converter you can also use a free QuickTime component for conversion of FLAC format file into a format of your choice. One of the popular, free QuickTime component is Perian, however its use is limited to Mac OS Snow Leopard. The current version of Perian, 1.2.3 can be used only on Mac OS Snow Leopard since it requires installation of QuickTime 7 which is not available for other Mac OS such as Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

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