Best Free iPhone 5,iPhone 4S Apps, iPhone 4 Apps Download

When you surf the Internet, you'll see excessive amount of apps especially for Apple devices mainly for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S release. A few will require a fee whereas few will come free of cost. For distinguishing such apps, given below is a list including dozens of free applications for iPhone 3GS/3G, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5 that will assist users in powering up their device free of cost. See below.

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1. HeyWay - it depends on in-built GPS for keeping friends and family updated regarding your current location. It sends these posts through Push Notification and can also function without application running.
2. Video Downloader iWoopie Lit - this app offers convenient methods for iPhone users to find as well as download videos through internet. It will look for video portals including YouTube, DailyMotion, and much more.
3. Trapster - this is an app that alerts users of speed camera and red lights ahead while they drive. It also includes data about traffic police hideouts. When the car comes near to such spots, a voice is there for giving information.
4. Bloomberg - this app will update you about current share prices. A delay of twenty minutes can happen but short term graph and long term graph is much handy. Moreover, it offers news that is related to share's price that users are scrolling.
5. Joost - it's a free video application that allows users to stream several videos on their iPhone cost free.
6. Metlink Melbourne - it is a highly useful app for those living in Melbourne and depends on public transportation for commuting for work. Here you'll find train, tram and bus schedules. One also gets to see their favourite points like tram stops, bus stops and railway stations.
7. Currency - with this application, users can see current currency exchange rates.
8. Free Photo Filters - it is an app that includes filters like retro effect filter, poloarizing filter, lamography filter, white and black filter, etc.
9. Facebook - with this, you can connect with friends irrespective of where you are.
10. Zynga Live Poker - this app will allow users to do time pass by enjoying poker with any other iPhone on similar train. They can also play the game with their Facebook account.
11. Twitterrific - this cool app is for keeping your updates regarding latest developments happening around you as well as world.
12. Palringo - multiple messaging platforms are supported by it like Yahoo messenger, MSN, etc.
13. Read It Later Free - it's an iPhone application that comes from cross-platform browsing extension that allows users to save interesting articles mainly for offline reading. The latest version has introduced support for articles that include multiple websites and pages requiring logins.
14. Puri! Lite - it is a photo sticker booth that you can carry anywhere. Its current version includes new feature that permits users to share photographs with a single click on Facebook.
15. Skype - it's a must installation for all iPhone users. Hence you can perform internet phone calls to landlines, mobile phones, and other Skype users.
16. SugarSync - this app works with desktop version for keeping files in synchronized manner across PC, Mac, iPhone.
17. Excuse Generator - with this, users can excuse them from undesired activity through single button touch.
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18. FedEx Mobile for iPhone - This application is for iPhone users to track their FedEx package. They'll have to enter their shipping number and instantly receive shipment status. This helps them in customizing by adding notes, creating a list to monitor urgent packages and provide nicknames for shipments.
19. Files Lite - with this app, you can view as well as transfer documents with ease to any compatible Mac or PC. No matter where you are, the documents will be on your iPhone or iPod.
20. Comic Touch Lite - providing the photos with Comic Touch will make them look real. Provide words to subject and thoughts by including balloon.
21. Free Translator - this app uses Google translating API for translating a language to other major languages like Danish, French, Hindi, Russian, Korean, Polish, Italian, German, Chinese, English, and so on.
22. TripIt - this handy travelling application is for iPhone and allows users to confirm their bookings on this application and once it gets confirmed, users receive automatically generated master itinerary that also includes car rental information, hotel reservation, maps, flights info, weather conditions, and driving directions. For this you have to be member.
23. Holy Bible- this excellent app allows you to get different Bible version in different languages as well as translate then on iPhone. You can choose whether you want to access this online or save it locally. It includes bookmarks and highlighting features as well.
24. LinkedIn - with this, you can network with ex-colleagues, employment agencies, and co-workers.
25. AIM (free edition)- use this application for connecting with web and desktop clients.
26. Dinner Spinner - this popular food website helps you in obtaining several recipes. It also includes high resolution photos and reviews from experts.
27. Backgrounds - offers 500+ background wallpapers under categories like models, games, cars, messages, technology, etc.
28. Balance- replace your paper-based checkbook with this app. Here you get features for tracking balance in different accounts as well as recalculating balances after new transactions.
29. BBC Reader - now browse BBC news as this app comes with image slideshows, fast loading speed, and much more.
30. Bump - this app helps in sending contacts when 2 iPhone devices are held close.
how do i delete apps from my iPhone 5?
Syed Basith
i need app store in iphone made in china
Best is Trapster.
where the hell can i get my got damn free phone
how do u download free music to iphone 4s?
i cant be bovered reading!!!!!!!!!
hoa ana 3lshan anzl el app 3la my iphone lazm a3ml mail 3la el appel wla la w anzlo ezay ???
I think I messed up by getting the 4s cuz I mean u need to buy music if u want to download away from computer u need to buy the movies u need to jail break it I hate it
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