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How to Use Techspansion's Open Source to Build iSquint and VisualHub

iSquint and VisualHub, the popular Video converter for Mac OS X have now gone open source. They also are known as Film Redux (VisualHub) and PunyVid (iSquint). And you may possibly have know this: the developer, Techspanion has closed shop and after an outcry from fans, it has released the source code.

You can get them here: SourceForge.net Repository - [transcoderredux] Index of /

This is a detailed guide about how to build iSquint and VisualHub using Techspansion's open source. Just follow the steps below, then you will see how easy it is:

What you need:

Mac OS X 10.5 or above, Xcode 3.0 and Techspansion's open source (Download link 1 Download link 2 )

Part 1, How to use open source to build VisualHub (Film Redux)?


Open the open source

Now two folders you would see: FilmRedux and PunyVid. Open FilmRedux and find the file "FilmRedux.xcodeproj" like this:



Open the Folder FilmRedux.xcodeproj

Double click the folder "FilmRedux.xcodeproj" to open it with Xcode.



Built your VisualHub file

Here, you need click the "Build and Go"  button to build VisualHub (Film Redux). That's all.

isquint snow leopard

Note: If your Mac OS X is not 10.5.0, Click here to download the built Film Redux (VisualHub) and PunyVid (iSquint).

Part 2, How to use open source to build iSquint( PunyVid)?


Open the open source

Open the source and then two folders named FilmRedux and PunyVid you would see. Open PunyVid and find the file "PunyVid.xcodeproj".

film redux


Open the folder PunyVid.xcodeproj

Now double click "PunyVid.xcodeproj" to open it with Xcode.



Build iSquint (PunyVid)

Click the "Build and Go"  button to build iSquint (PunyVid). That's all.

filmredux, isquint snow leopard

Important: Though the operation is quite simple, the stability is a great concern, When I use this, it kept reporting error messages mking me really frustrated.So the tried-and-true Video Converter for Mac is highly recommended due to its excellent performance in video conversions.

If you want to convert videos to DVD, here is video to DVD Creator for Mac which can helps you burn DVDs with any video in all popular formats.

Learn more about iSquint: iSquint - free Mac iPod video conversion applications discontinued.


Any way to do this in 10.8.2 with the latest Xcode?
Change your target SDK to one you actually have installed. Also a tip: don't try to compile for 64bit -- there seem to be some issues with movieview in 64 bit.
it does not work i keep getting an invalid run destination. HELP?
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