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Many of us would like to stream videos on YouTube. YouTube provides us with thousands of interesting and funny videos. You might have downloaded some YouTube videos and want to import YouTube videos to iMovie for editing, but only find that it is impossible to do that. Most of YouTube videos are in FLV format, which is not recognized by iMovie. No worry! This is not the end of editing YouTube videos on iMovie. Here in this article, we will show you the easiest way on how to download YouTube videos and import YouTube videos to iMovie (iMovie 11 included) for editing.

Part 1. Download and Import YouTube Videos to iMovie for Editing

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With iSkysoft YouTube downloader and converter, you can easily save YouTube videos to iMovie supported format and directly import video to iMovie for editing. No extra tools are required. The original quality of YouTube video will be kept.

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Why choose this YouTube downloader:

  • 3X faster download videos from YouTube and 1000+ sites.
  • Convert videos to iMovie, Final Cut Pro and iDVD.
  • Preset video download for phones, game console, etc.
  • Intelligently schdule for batch download videos.

Steps for Downloading YouTube Video Files to iMovie

Launch iTube Studio for Mac

Step 1: Run your browser and visit When you play a video, you will see a Download button appearing at the top left corner of the video. Press the button and then the downloader will open and start downloading YouTube videos for you.

Step 2: When the video is downloaded, switch to the Downloaded tab on the left, you'll see the downloaded videos in the list. Hit the Convert button and a format choosing window will show up.

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Step 3: After the window shows up, it's time to choose iMovie as the output format. To do this, you need to select iMovie from Apple Software category. Press OK to start converting YouTube videos to iMovie supported format.

Step 4: Now import YouTube video to iMovie. Open it from the Application folder or the dock, go to File menu, and select Import > Movies, find where output videos are saved. Choose the videos and press Import.

Then your work is done! Just download iSkysoft YouTube Downloader for Mac (OS X 10.10 Yosemite) and have a try! It's a piece of cake to import those videos to iMovie to create your own masterpiece!

Video Tutorial on Download and Import YouTube Videos to iMovie

Part 2. Convert YouTube FLV Videos to iMovie (without Downloading)

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If you've already downloaded YouTube FLV files to your Mac. You just need to play those videos with VLC player. In order to import YouTube videos to iMovie, you need to convert it to a format that can be recognized by iMovie. So you can try this YouTube to iMovie Video Converter for Mac, which lets you convert YouTube clips to iMovie supported formats professionally and easily. The latest version of iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac also lets you download YouTube video with a built-in web browser.

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Steps for Converting an Existing YouTube Video to iMovie Comaptible Format

dd FLV files to the FLV to iMovie app

Step 1. Load YouTube files

Add YouTube clips to the app by dragging and dropping. Or go to "File" menu, choose "Load Media Files" to find the YouTube videos and add them into it.

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Step 2. Choose output format

Choose "Editing" > "iMovie" as the output format. You can get the clips by using the Split function when you want to import a specific YouTube clip to iMovie.

Step 3. Start the conversion

Then start conversion by pressing the "Convert" button. And this FLV to iMovie Converter will do the rest thing for you.

After the above steps, please run iMovie, go to "File" menu, select "Import" > "Movies", find the output YouTube files are saved. Choose the files and press "Import".

Video Tutorial on How to Import YouTube Videos to iMovie on Mac

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