How to Convert PAL to NTSC on Mac (Mavericks included)

PAL and NTSC are both analog television systems used in television video streaming, camcorder recoding and more. Take camcorder for example, if you purchased a digital camcorder in UK and shot some memorable parties with it, you, unfortunately, may be unable to play them on your home TV set in US (some TV sets support video in PAL and NTSC), that’s because the camcorders and TVs sold in UK, Australia, China, Germany, Spain and more record or accept video in PAL format and camcorders and TV sets from US, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan etc. are only NTSC compatible. That’s to say, if you wanna play some PAL video files on NTSC available TV sets or players, you’d better convert PAL to NTSC first or you may get the dreaded black screen.

To convert PAL to NTSC on Mac (Mavericks included), you can use iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac. This Mac program is available for video conversion and video setting customization. And for the Mac PAL to NTSC conversion, you can only adjust the video settings without changing the video formats if you’d like, the mainly differences between PAL and NTSC are the video resolution, frame rate, which you can customize them to get NTSC video files:

  • download iskysoft software
  • download iskysoft software

Add PAL video to the Mac Video Converter

Launch the Mac Converter and drag your source PAL video files and drop them to the app. The Mac program supports Batch conversions, i.e you can drag more than one file to the application for converting. Drag your mouse to select multiple media files, or select files while holding down Command or Shift key.

PAL video to NTSC Mac


Customize the video settings

NTSC video file normally has a resolution of 720x576 while PAL file is in 720X480 resolution; the frame rate of NTSC file is 29.97 fps and the figure in PAL Video 25 fps. In order to adjust your original PAL video settings to NTSC ones, you can mouse over the select format and click the Gear button at the top right corner of format icon to open the video settings dialog and do the customization.

Convert PAL files to NTSC Mac


Start the PAL to NTSC Mac conversion

Hit on the Convert button at the bottom of the main interface, the Mac Video Converter will finish the rest automatically with superb fast conversion speed.

After the Mac conversion, you can now play your output video files on the NTSC players or TV sets. Enjoy yourself.

Brian Fisher
Hi Simon, thanks for your suggestion. We will update the information.
Hi this info is plain wrong, you have NTSC and PAL resolutions switched up and PAL framerate is 25 not 5. This can be very confusing to someone who is trying to convert PAL to NTSC.
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