How to Watch Netflix on Android Devices

netflix on tvAs one of the most famous video sites, Netflix offers the mail-based movie rental service named Watch Now to let subscribes watch movies and TV shows anytime on the computers, phones, tablets and more. Yes, you have to be the subscriber of Netflix then you are allowed to access to the Netflix movies and TV shows. And to watch Netflix on your Android phone or tablet, you have two options:

Option 1: Watch Netflix on Android directly (phone for example)

Netflix officially released an app for Android so you can directly watch Netflix on the Android phone:

  1. Download Netflix on your Android phone;
  2. Join Netflix by subscribing;
  3. Log in Netflix on the phone;
  4. Find your ideal movie and rent or watch Netflix on Android device.

Option 2: Watch downloaded Netflix on your Android devices

Actually Netflix itself only provides streaming movies for customers, no video downloads, but if you used some third party video downloader in the market and have downloaded some Netflix movies without DRM protection on your Mac, you can transfer these Netflix to Android device and watch them at anywhere and anytime, no dead line you should be worried about.

But to watch these Netflix movies on your Android tablet or phone, there are some notices you must know: video format and other video settings including video bit rate, resolution and more for getting the perfect view on your device. Android phones and tablets normally have their own requirements in video format and resolution etc. due to the different manufacturers and Protecting Format Rights.

Netflix movies, in other ways, are saved in MP4, WMV and more with DRM when streaming via Netflix app. And if you use 3rd-party video downloader to download Netflix movies, different downloaders use different formats to save these downloads. For example, if your Netflix downloader saved the online movie as FLV videos, you’d better convert the downloaded Netflix to Android compatible formats first:

  1. Download Netflix to Android Video Converter for Mac;
    • download iskysoft software
    • download iskysoft software
  2. Add the downloaded Netflix movies to the Mac app;
  3. Choose the output format. The one used here is iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac which is professional in converting video and even provides some optimized presets for popular devices including Android devices, so you can directly select the name of your device on the format list, i.e, there’s no need for you to set the video settings by yourself.
  4. Start the Netflix to Android Mac convertion.

Convert video formats on Mac OS X

Have fun.

Your ram is you memory, hence you have 1 GB. You have 16 GB of storage.
I have a 1 gb ram on my tablet and netflix is saying I need a 1 gb ram to down load. But I got 16 gb of memory.
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