Why Need to Convert AVI Video File?

AVI is a wildly popular video container format which can be found virtually anywhere. You're likely to download AVI videos from the Internet, capture videos in AVI with your camera or phone, or save AVI video with your video editing software. It's quite easy to play AVI files in Windows, but things are totally different if you're using Mac OS X, even in the latest Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It drives you up the wall when you find your brand-new Mac cannot even play your AVI video collections accumulated over the years. The fact is that only a couple of video formats are supported natively on Mac, namely M4V, MP4 and MOV. To play AVI video, you have to install third party codecs. The direct solution to this AVI problem is to install a Mac player that can decode AVI videos. But that has its own limitations. Apple products are inherently incapable of playing AVI files. With an AVI media player, you will be able to play AVI video on your Mac without problem. However, the problem will come back to haunt you when you transfer these AVI files to mobile devices like iPhone 6 Plus, iPod shuffle, iPad Air 2, and iTouch.

Convert AVI to Mac Compatible Formats with AVI Converter for Mac

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So, the best choice is to get an AVI video converter and convert all AVI files into Mac-compatible formats. Here iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac is humbly recommended. It's a specially desired AVI converter for Mac that not only allows you convert AVI to Mac-friendly video format, but lets you directly convert AVI to play on iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP, Android phones, etc. Will you be giving it a try?

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The tutorial below will show you how to convert AVI to MOV for example. Only 3 steps are required.

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Step 1. Import AVI files to the application

After locating AVI files in the Finder, drag and drag them to the program interface. Alternatively, open the built-in Media Browser and locate AVI files in the frequently used folders. If you want the classic way, go to "File" > "Load Media Files" to browse and load AVI files in the popup dialog.

Tips: To select multiple AVI files on Mac, hold down the "Command" or "Shift" key and click on the AVI files one by one. You can also use your mouse to click and drag to select multiple files.

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Step 2. Choose an output format

The next step is to choose an output format for AVI files. More than 100 output formats are provided, including all popular mobile devices. It's easy to do this. Just go the Format tray at bottom of the interface and click an output format you want. If you want to convert AVI to MOV, switch to the Video category first.

The iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP, Xbox 360, Android Generic and other device presets locate in the Devices category. If you want to play AVI on these devices, you can simply choose the preset. No need to change video settings manually.

Step 3. Start converting AVI to your selected format

At last, hit the Convert button to start AVI conversion. The required time depends on the AVI video length. Usually only a few minutes are required. You'll get a prompt message when complete. You can then choose to open the "Output" folder or just click "OK".

Video Tutorial: How to convert AVI on Mac with Mac AVI Converter

Tip 1: Free Ways to Play AVI on Mac OS

See? it's easy to fix the AVI compatibility problem. An alternative option is to install media players that can directly playback AVI files. One of the best media players on Mac is VLC, a popular open source media player on Mac. This well-known media player can play a wide array of media formats including AVI, MKV, MOV and so on. Different from media player, if you prefer QuickTime player to other players, you can also install a QuickTime plugin called Perian, which is also free and open sourced. Unfortunately, this open source program is no longer in active development and you may encounter problems when using it with the latest Mac OS. Also, older version QuickTime doesn't work with it, and you will need to have the latest QuickTime installed on your Mac. Otherwise you will be unable to install it.

All in all, an AVI converter is the easy way to go and the other 2 options require some technical know-how on part of the users. And if you feel you are not equipped with the required knowledge to install them successfully, you will be better off sticking to the first recommendation.

Tip 2: Can I Convert AVI in Windows?

To convert AVI videos in Windows PCs, download the Windows version - iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate. By converting AVI to WMV format, you can play them with WIndows Media Player and across multiple Windows-based devices without the dreadful warning of unsupported file types.

Apart from converting AVI to MOV and WMV formats, iSkysoft AVI converter software can also convert video between a broad range of other media formats. All major Mac and Windows operating systems are supported, like Yosemite/Mavericks/Mountain Lion/Lion/Snow Leopard and Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. Try it now.

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what is best way to retrieve AVI video files from my old Windows system. Is it ISkysoft, and do I need a wire too?..Thunderbolt..Firewire to USB ??
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