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How to Sync HTC to Mac OS X

Can't connect your HTC Sensation (or other HTC phones) to Mac? Well, connecting HTC devices to Windows computers is quite simple, but to connect HTC to Mac, things turn out to be a little tricky. This article will show you how to sync HTC to Mac (Lion included) step by step. In addition, it can be done without any third-party applications.

To hook up HTC Evo, HTC Sensation, HTC Flyer, HTC Vivid, HTC Desire etc. or other Android devices with your Mac, multiple steps are required:

Note: To connect HTC to Mac (Mountain Lion, Lion included), you only can mount your HTC as a disk drive and the article here would help you to manage files such as music, movies, photos, etc. between your HTC and Mac including HTC to iTunes, HTC to iPad.

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Go to "Setting" and choose "Applications"

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Click the "Development"

Here you need to tick the three items: USB debugging, Stay awake, Allow mock location, or you will be unable to copy your files on the SD card to Mac (Snow Leopard included).

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Click "USB connected", and select the "USB debugging connected:" and then click "Mount"

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Note: Some HTC phones like HTC Sensation here may present you a notice like this:

"Allow USB debugging?

USB debugging is intended for development purposes only. It can be used to copy data between your computer and your device, install applications on your device without notification, and read log data."

Click "OK".

Then you connect your HTC to the Mac, the phone will be showed "USB connected" on the top.  BTW, some types of HTC may work in other ways, for example, once you connected your HTC Sensation to Mac, you will be asked to choose your connection type between "Charge only" or  "Disk Drive". Here Disk Drive is recommended.

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Now the HTC phone is successfully connected to Mac and you can freely manage your files on HTC Evo, HTC Sensation, HTC Flyer, HTC Vivid, HTC Desire etc. on Mac (also on MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac).

Besides, you can go to HTC to iTunes for more information about playing the files on Mac.

Note: Once you connected your HTC to Mac, please make sure the "USB Storage" is on. If not, slide down the notification panel and turn on it.

After "USB debugging connected" there isn't such a thing as "Mount". Now what?
We suggest you upgrade your Mac system to the newest version.
Did you find away how to connect them?, I also have the same problem
i have a macbook 10.5.8, and a HTC ONE X, cant sync, a wind come up when i connect the usb cable and show a no touch or pas sign that doenst allow me to open file, tried using the bluetooth but i can only sent from my mac to phone but not the other way around can some one help me to transfer files via usb or at least make my computer conect to my phone so i can send pictures from phone to mac
Hi, I\'ve got the same problem and now I use Bluetooth... No need of USB cable but it\'s bit slower... System Preferences>Bluetooth>HTC One (two fingers click)>Browse files on device... You can browse your phone from Mac nearly the same way like on Finder... If you are rooted you will have access to System folder as well. Make sure that on your phone in Settings>Bluetooth>Advanced you\'ve got FTP Server switched ON
Perfect - thanks for the detailed and easy to understand explanation :)
I had the same issue so i called the htc company and they told me to download the Android file transfer. and you can use that instead of the htc sync manager and it worked for me
I have an HTC Hero and a Macbook. I can upload photos from my phone to my computer, but the videos will not load. How can I get the videos to load to my computer?
Yeah and how easy does iTunes work on every other platform. If the sync manager sucks it cause HTC wants you to use their \"preferred\" devices. Windows, Google, Apple, they all want you in their device family. I think HTC should honor their customer and shareholders better by building a sync manager that doesn\'t suck. I like my HTC phone better than an iPhone but i\'m not gonna spend money to get another OS for my computer cause HTC did a crap shoot on their sync manager. Don\'t blame Apple for a HTC hickup.
You are too simple minded to recognize these options are present or not present depending on the version of Android. In Android 4.1 the options are not available, period. Drop down box at the top of the scree or through settings.
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