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About MOV Format and How to Convert MOV Files

MOV (QuickTime Movies) is the universal video format on Mac OS X. iPhone/iPad/iPod capture videos in MOV format so you can easily play these videos with QuickTime Player application on your Mac. One of the biggest advantage of MOV format for Mac is that you can always see the thumbnail of a video and play it in a click if you want.

QuickTime MOV format is a multimedia container format which can contain one or more tracks for storing video, audio, effects and subtitle. Like MP4, QuickTime MOV format also use MPEG-4 standard. However, as a worldwide standard format, MP4 is supported by more devices and systems. So MOV to MP4 conversion is usually a good solution if you find out your MOV files won't play.

However, there might be other problems. If your video are MOV files, you'll find it difficult to edit, burn or stream these files on Windows. In such cases, you can convert .MOV files to .WMV files to fix the problem. Also, some MOV video files are too long or too large to be uploaded to YouTube. So you need to convert MOV to FLV before uploading.

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Best Ways to Play and Convert MOV

There are several players and programs available that can play your MOV files. Some more complex than others. Some only for playback, and others that also allow for deeper file manipulation, such as converting to other formats and increase compatibility levels for such files. Being developed by Apple, QuickTime Player is obviously the best way to play MOV videos. But there are others.

Simple Way to Play MOV

For your basic playback needs, you can't go wrong with the VLC Media Player. Otherwise, you can also go with the popular DivX Player or the versatile KM Player. All great options. However, in order to have this players read your MOV files, it highly recommended to install the QuickTime Alternative. This is a freeware package not developed by Apple, but specially made to enable MOV playback on Windows.

Both the DivX Player and KM Player present themselves with sleek and sophisticated look, keeping at the same time a great value. KM Player in particular can read almost any video format used and has extensive menus filled with customization options. It's easy to use, but also a great option for more demanding users.

Simple Way to Convert MOV

Many options are available to convert MOV files. One of them is Pazera Free MOV to AVI Converter, a free software that converts QuickTime videos into AVI or MPG. This way you don't need to use special plug-ins and codecs to play your MOV files on Windows and other systems.


The Ultimate Solution – iSkysoft Video Converter

However, if you're looking for the best and most complete solution, you will definitely want to check out our iSkysoft Video Converter. Available for Mac or Windows, this is the ultimate all-in-one solution for MOV playback, video files converting, and even works as an online downloader to get all your favorite videos from YouTube and all around the web. It also supports most popular video formats, so you virtually won't be needing any other software after acquiring iSkysoft Video Converter.


Unlike free video players, iSkysoft Video Converter allows the user to convert video files to a vast variety of other formats, enabling them to be played in platform specific formats. Plus, it's super intuitive and easy to use: simply drag your files into the software's main screen and start converting. Or, press the “Add Files” button and browse through your folders and files from your computer.

Edit your videos

If converting files, playing videos and downloading online videos wasn't enough for you, you will be happy to know that iSkySoft Video Converter includes a functional and intuitive editing tool as well.

Trim, crop, input effects, watermarks or subtitles are all available options at your disposal to customize your videos at will. After dragging your file into the Video Converter, or after converting it, the “Edit” option will always be in display for your convenience.


Convert Video

After opening or dragging a file into the program, just turn your attention to the right side of the screen and chose the output format of conversion. Extensive menus will provide a selection between Format, Favorite and Device categories. After choosing, simply press the big green button at the bottom right corner that reads Convert. You can't miss it.


Download videos directly from the internet

Thanks to a smartly embedded plug-in, you can download virtually any video that you can find while browsing the internet. There are two options to download and save this videos: either you copy the page's URL and then click the “Add URL” button in the “Download” section of the software, or just use the “Download” button that appears on top of the video you're watching. Easy and simple!

How to Convert MOV Files with iSkysoft MOV Converter

With iSkysoft MOV Video Converter Mac, your MOV video files can be easily converted to any format you can imagine. The most important part is that the quality is 100% preserved. See the step-by-step guide below.


Step 1: Add files to this MOV video converter

Start iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac after installation. Then you have 3 ways to import MOV files to the program: 1) Drag and drop; 2) Go to File > Load Media Files; 3) Use Media Browser.

Step 2: Set the output format

You can choose one video format for all imported video files. More than 100 formats are supported. They are divided into clear categories like Video, Device, Editing, etc. Go to a specific category and select your desired format. To change the video settings, mouse over the format icon and click the resulting Gear button. In the resulting window, you can change codec, resolution, bit rate and other video settings as you want.

Step 3: Start converting MOV on Mac OS X

Click the Convert button and all the imported videos will be converted to the same format by this Mac Video Converter. The output folder will open when MOV conversion complete.

By default, the output folder is "/Users/YOURNAME/Movies/iSkysoft Video Converter". You can change it to any folder by the Output option at bottom of the application.

Why Convert MOV or Create MOV Files?

There are many scenarios that require you to convert MOV files to other formats, or create MOV video from other files. Does the table include your case? Hope so!

Convert MOV to WMV WMV is the main video format that is supported by Windows. By converting MOV to WMV, you can play and edit MOV video without any hassle.
Convert MOV to MP4 Most portable devices are friendly to MP4 video files. It's a good idea to convert MOV to MP4 if you want your MOV video playable at most cases.
Convert MOV to AVI Mac Can't play MOV files in Windows, Android, or BlackBerry? AVI and WMV are both ideal choices.
Convert MOV to FLV FLV is the most popular video format online. Convert your MOV videos to FLV for sharing online now.
Convert MOV to MPG Some DVD Players directly support MPG videos. After converting MOV to MPG, you can play video on your TV instantly.
Convert FLV to MOV Like other formats, the downloaded FLV videos are not well supported on Mac. By converting FLV to MOV, there's not any problem to play and edit FLV video files.

Supported Formats You Can Convert MOV Files To

More than 100 of video, audio and device formats are fully supported. Plus, more and more new devices will be added very soon after the device is publicly released. You'll get updates for totally free.

Video Formats MOV, MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, M4V, MPEG-2, DivX, MKV, DV, MPEG-1, VOB, 3GP, 3G2, ASF
Audio Formats MP3, M4A, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, M4R, AC3, AAC, OGG, CAF, APE
Devices iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad 3, iPad 2, Apple TV 2, Samsung Galaxy, Apple TV 3, iPod, Apple TV, iPhone 3GS, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Android Generic, Windows Phone, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, Sandisk Sansa, LG Optimus
Editing iMovie,  Final Cut Pro,  iDVD
Web Sharing YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, FLV, F4V, SWF, WebM

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