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How do I convert a .wlmp file to a .wmv file? To convert WLMP files, Windows Live Movie Maker, you can also called it "WLMP converter", is required. By default, Windows Live Movie Maker can convert WLMP to WMV or MP4 video. If you want to convert WLMP to AVI, MOV, MPG, FLV, and other formats, you have to use a general WLMP video converter to convert the exported WMV files. This article will show you how to convert WLMP files to WMV and virtually any format you want.


How to Convert WLMP to WMV, MOV, AVI, MPG, FLV and Other Formats

convert WLMP to WMV video
Step 1: Convert WLMP to WMV video

Launch Windows Live Movie Maker or just Movie Maker from the Start Menu and go to File (the top left icon) > Open Project. In the dialog that opens, locate your .wlmp file and you'll see the included video, photos, music, etc. Then go to File > Save Movie (not Save Project As) to choose an output format. Here simply select "For computer". In a short time, you'll get a .wmv or .mp4 file, depending on what you've selected in the Save As Type option.


If WMV or MP4 is the final format you want, you're done. Windows Live Movie Maker is the only "WLMP converter" you need to convert WLMP files. No other WLMP file converter programs are required. However, to convert WLMP to AVI, MOV, MPG, FLV, iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate is recommended. Read on about how to convert the created WMV to your desired format.

add WLMP files
Step 2: Add WMV files to WLMP converter

After downloaded and installed iSkysoft WLMP converter, start it and import the created WMV files to the program. You can do that by dragging and dropping WMV files to the main window of the program, or click the Add Files button to open a browser to locate WMV files.

set output format
Step 3: Choose an output format

Over 100 video formats are supported by this WLMP converter. To choose the output format, click the Output Format option at the right or click the Format icon. In the resulting dialog, go to Format > Video and choose your favorite format. If you want to change the codec, resolution, frame rate and other video settings, you can click the Settings option at the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Start to convert WLMP to the final format

The last step is to click the Convert button and all the added WMV files will be converted to your selected format. You can then use it as you want.

iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate


Convert WLMP to AVI, MOV, MPG, FLV and Any Other Formats

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WLMP Conversion Questions

WLMP, which stands for Windows Live Movie Maker Project, is the project file you saved from the movie making project in Microsoft's Windows Live Movie Maker. Windows Live Movie Maker is a component of Windows Essentials. It's a free movie maker that helps you make movies from videos, music and photos. WLMP files are not actually a video file. They only include the information about your project, for example, where your photos are located, which part of the video is cut, etc. Have other question about WLMP files? See the answers below or post your question in the comments.

Can I convert WLMP files on Mac?

No, you can't convert WLMP files on Mac. To convert WLMP files, Windows Live Movie Maker is required, which can't run on Mac. To play WLMP video on Mac, you have to save a movie from WLMP project file and then convert the created video file to MOV format. You can't directly convert WLMP file to MOV with WLMM (Windows Live Movie Maker).

Can I play WLMP with Windows Media Player?

No, to play WLMP file, you should convert WLMP to WMV video first. And then double click the WMV files. Windows Media Player will open to start playing the movie included in the WLMP file.

Where to download Windows Live Movie Maker?

Windows Live Movie Maker is part of Windows Essentials suite. If you can't find it in your Windows system, download it at its official site. When installing, you can select to install Movie Maker only or other programs like Photo Gallery, Microsoft SkyDrive, Messenger, Writer, etc.

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Hi Brian Travinski, sorry for the late reply. Before you output the video, you can set the format first, and there are a lot of options, not only Windows Movie Maker. Please choose it on the right side of the program's window: Output Format.
Not having a good experience. When I go to "Save Movie" it gives me the option to save it for say a 'computer' or hi def' or a Zune device etc. The when I finally have the option to 'Save Movie' the Windows drop down doesn't give any option as for what type of format I can save in as. Just "Windows Movie Maker" Why isn't it giving me the options you mention in your solution?
THANK YOU! You saved my audition!
Thank you, this totally helped with my school project today!!
Brian Fisher
Hi Terri, To convert WLMP files to other formats, you have to use the Windows Live Movie Maker to save WLMP to WMV or MP4 format, and then import the WMV or MP4 files to the video converter to start the conversion. Please have a try. Any question, please feel free to contact us.
When I went to open project it comes up as not an acceptable file format. Then when I close that I have nothing to save. I know I am just reading the instructions wrong.
You should see a icon say \"save movie\" something... Sorry can\'t help much haven\'t gone it for a while and it got deleted... Best of luck.
When I go to the save movie option, nothing appears that says to save for computer. There is only high definition and save to cd and a bunch of options below but nothing to save to my computer. Please help.

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