How to Convert XviD Files on Mac (Mountain Lion)

Xvid is a video codec that usually wrapped in AVI container, which is ubiquitous for standard definition video content on the Internet. So if you have some Xvid AVI files. The problem is most native Mac applications don't understand what to do with it and there's no indication Apple is supporting the specific Xvid/DivX codec (encoding/decoding) used by those AVI.

If you've some Xvid files stored on your hard drive and would like to convert to other formats, or for your iPod, iPad, iPhone and more, or you want to create Xvid videos, this article is about how to achieve these tasks.

Convert Xvid to Other Formats on Mac OS X

In order to convert Xvid video to other format, Video Converter for Mac will be a better choice, which includes presets for all popular formats like MP4, MOV, M4V, AVI and devices like iPad, Apple TV, iPhone, specific iPod models and some popular mobile phones. It supports batch conversion and works several times faster than QuickTime Player, and works with many other video formats that QuickTime Player does not support natively. Now download the software and follow the detailed guide to convert Xvid to any format you want.

  • download iskysoft software
  • download iskysoft software

Load Xvid videos to the program

Launch this Mac Xvid Converter, find Xvid video files in Finder. Then drag and drop the Xvid videos you want to convert to the program.

Mac Xvid Converter


Select an output format

Select regular formats like AVI and MOV (encoded with Xvid codec) or any device you want to play the Xvid video on from the output format list.

Convert Xvid on Snow Leopard

Note: You can choose according to the name of your devices like iPod, iPod touch, iPhone 4 and more, and this smart Xvid mac video converter will convert the videos to a format and size suited to the selected target device.


Start Xvid conversion on Mac

Hit "Convert" let this smart Xvid Video Converter for Mac to do the rest for you! When the conversion is done, you can enjoy your output files in the living room, on the fly, in the gym, or import to video editor to create your own masterpiece. This Mac Xvid video converter is specifically designed for Mac OS users, including Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS Lion on iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc.

Create Xvid Files on Mac OS X

If you are looking for an easy way to quickly converts your vast collection of DVDs, home movies, and other video files to Xvid file. Check out iMedia Converter Deluxe for Mac. It supports converting DVD to Xvid in batch as well as converting Xvid to other formats.  Namely, you can both use it to convert Xvid files to other file formats and convert other files to Xvid files! It also works with many other video formats that QuickTime Player does not support natively.

Tip: If you only need convert videos between Xvid and other formats, you may find a detailed guide in specialty: AVI to Xvid Mac and MP4 to Xvid Mac.

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