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Trash Recovery: How to Undo Empty Trash Mac (Mavericks supported)

Emptied Trash on Mac but want to get back some files? Or you even removed files by Command+Delete? Never mind. You have a chance to retrieve deleted files by using Empty Trash Mac, if you follow this article.

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Feb 18,2014 17:59 pm / Posted by to Computer Data Recovery

How to Undo Emptied Trash on Mac?

undo trash mac

Usually, if you don't have Time Machine backup, the most effective way to access the "hidden" files emptied from Trash is to rely on data recovery applications like iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac. It's a safe, fast and easy application to perform Trash recovery on your Mac OS X. It can undo deleted files from Trash Bin to a safe place. iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac can help you recover deleted photos, videos, songs, archives, documents, and miscellaneous from Mac desktop, MacBook USB stick, mobile phones and other external storage media.

iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac

undo trash mac

Recover Everything on Mac

Recover almost all kinds of data from your Mac, including images, videos, documents, emails, audio files and more.

undo trash mac

Data Loss Scenarios Support

Resotre files lost because of deletion, formatting, system error, virus infection, etc.

undo trash mac

Massive Device Supported

Support data recovery for local Mac drive, external hard drive. digital camera, USB drive, memory card, etc.

undo trash mac

Powerful Preview and Recovery

Deep scan feature that scans your drive completely. Preview found images, documents, videos, emails and recover them with original names and structures.

undo trash mac

Flexible Recovery Operations

You can pause and resume scanning whenever you want. The scanning result can be saved for next time use too.

undo trash mac

East-to-use Mac Data Recovery

The program processes Mac data recovery within a few easy clicks, no special skills are needed.

How to Undo Empty Trash to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

undo empty trash mac
Step 1: Choose a data recovery mode

Run iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac from Application folder or any folder you've installed it to. You can choose from Lost Data Recovery, Raw Data Recovery, Partition Recovery and Resume Recovery. Here first try Lost Data Recovery to undo Trash deletion quickly. If it fails, try Raw Data Recovery mode to recover emptied files completely.

undo empty trash mac
Step 2: Scan lost Trash files

In the "Lost Data Recovery" window, choose the drive of your Mac and click "Scan" on top to search for deleted files from Trash or other folders.

trash recovery
Step 3: Preview and retrieve files emptied from Trash

In a while, all recoverable deleted files will be found. On the left folder tree, you will see a Trash folder. Click it and drill down to find the deleted files you want to recover. With the help of Preview feature, it won't be long to make sure whether the deleted files have been found.

To recover found files deleted by Empty Trash command, check the box before the files and click the Recover button on top. Or right click the selected file and choose Recover item. In the pop up dialog, choose an output folder and click OK to undo Empty Trash operation.

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Video: How to Undo Emptied Trash on mac

Keep in mind that you can't save found Trash files to its original drive in case the lost files are overwritten. So an external hard drive is preferred, if available.

Tips: 4 general Preview modes are provided: Icons, List, Columns and Cover Flow. The Cover Flow mode is very useful if you don't the file name. Note that most image and document formats are previewable, while only some audio and video formats are supported.

More About Trash and Trash Data Recovery (Recycle Bin)

trash recovery

The Trash (also known as Recycle Bin in Windows) is a special folder to save deleted files by the user, but not yet permanently erased from the file system. It provides a chance for the user to undelete files that were deleted accidentally, or delete them permanently (for general users). Many veteran computer users are used to deleting files with Command+Delete on Mac (or Shift+Delete in Windows). This way will delete files without temporarily saving in Trash folder.

Why Can You Undo Emptied Trash on Mac?

Why? Here is the reason. When you empty Trash on Mac, you're not really delete the files. It just disappears and isn't under your control from your operating system. The deletion operation only tells your computer: OK, now you can use the disk space occupied by the deleted files. Actually, the deleted files remain physically on your Mac hard drive as long as it has not overwritten by new files. That's why you're highly recommended to stop using your Mac if you want to undo Empty Trash on Mac. And with iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac, you can recover either deleted files emptied from Trash or by Command+Delete.

Besides, you can find all useful informations and tips about the "Delete" key on Mac keyboard and ways to delete items, programs and other data on Mac here: All Tips about Mac Delete.

iSkysoft Editor

Mar 13,2014 19:21 pm / Posted by to Computer Data Recovery

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  • disqus_hYoHzqBLW6
    For years all that was required to move files from Trash back to their original locations was to select "Put Back" using "Action" gear icon on command bar.What happened to this option and how can it be retrieved? Requiring an "application" to perform a single function formerly handled by use of the "Action" [gear icon] command is absurd: adds unnecessary complexity, wastes available system space, and ultimately detracts from a certain economic measurement known as Gross Domestic Product[ivity].
    I have the latest Mountain Lion installed. I have no secret keyboard shortcut: Select the item(s) in the Trash that you wish to retrieve and press cmd+Delete. opportunity. I'd dearly like that functionality. How can I get it ? Thanks

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