Adding Bookmarks to PDF on Mac/Windows

If you have created many documents in PDF file format, you might want the option to direct readers to certain pages or to mark pages in order to find them easily. In this case, you’ll need a handy bookmark function to mark a specific page or section in a PDF document. Bookmarks function is similar to the table of contents in a PDF file, allowing you to locate a specific page or even just a section of a page. Here we would like to show you how to add bookmarks to PDF on Mac or Windows.

Part 1: How to Add Bookmark to PDF on Mac

With the help of iSkysoft OS X PDF Editor, you will be able to process adding bookmarks to PDF on your Mac without hassle. Its bookmark function lets you give the reader and yourself the ability to quickly locate information that may otherwise be missed. You also have the ability to rename the bookmark, which will be displayed on the side bar for easy access, to provide further direction to you or the reader.

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Here we would like to show you how to create bookmarks in PDF on Mac OS system, even if you are running the newest Lion system.


Launch the PDF editor program

Firstly, free download the iSkysoft PDF Editor and install it to your computer, then find the installed application from the application folder and double click to launch the program.

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Create PDF bookmarks on your Mac

After you have launched the Mac PDF editing program, you can begin to add bookmarks to your PDF file in Mac. In the toolbar across the top, click on the Tools button and then the Bookmark button.

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You will now have the ability to add or remove bookmarks from your PDF file in Mac quickly and easily. Go to the page or text that you want to add the bookmark to and click the add bookmark button, and you can now easily find the page or text the next time you open the PDF file in Mac.


Also see the video tutorial about how to add bookmark to PDF Mac:

Part 2: How to Add Bookmark to PDF on Windows

For windows users, you can also add bookmarks to PDF easily by using iSkysoft PDF editor for Windows version. This Windows PDF editor is not only an excellent PDF editing program, but also a very powerful tool that will allow you to create bookmarks in PDF efficiently. Let’s see below step-by-step guides on how to create bookmarks in PDF on Windows:

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Import PDF document to the Windows editor

When you have installed the editor on your Windows PC, run the program. Then click the “Open” tab in the main interface and import the PDF file you want to the editor. Alternatively, you can go to your local folder where you have saved the PDF file, directly drag and drop the PDF file to the program, and the file will open automatically.


Add bookmarks to PDF on Windows

Then, click the “Insert” tab on top toolbar and select the “Bookmark” option. Now you are able to add bookmarks on any section of your PDF file. Go to the page or text where you want to add bookmark, and click the “Bookmark” option again to add bookmark.

Edit text

For convenience, rename the bookmark so next time you can easily find the page or text. To do so, ring click your bookmark icon and select “Rename Bookmark” option to input a name.

All in all, by utilizing the capability of recommended program, adding bookmarks to PDF file lets you and other readers to find information easily and quickly. So, just download the tool to create bookmarks in PDF.

Patricia N.A.
Now I can add bookmarks to PDF file, its that I need for go to different pages, in a 200 pages books! It has saved too much time, and I can continue my reading in any time with the bookmark. Good post
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Good article, this PDF bookmarking software is very simple and makes a good work, OX X PDFM Editor is a excellente tool whn I need to bookmark a PDF file. Nice
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I ever wante to insert images to PDF, when I could not do it, I had to use a word processor nad then convert to PDF, now I can do it directly in the PDF file, Great!
Hi, adding bookmarks to a PDF is really useful, and with this tool is easier.This PDF editor is easy to use. Excellent article. Regards
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