How to Change Text Color and Background Color in PDF

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard that is used for document exchange. There are many advantages to using this file format, such as applying password protection in order to stop others from editing important documents and doing modifications like changing the colors of the text and font size. But in many cases, we have to edit the PDF documents for various purposes. Here in this article, we would like to share some tips on how to change text color in PDF documents, either on Mac or on Windows PCs.

Part 1: How to change text color in PDF on Mac

Changing font color in PDF on Mac is very simple if you were using a word processing program - iSkysoft Mac PDF Editor. Go to the home tab and click on the edit text tab. From here, you will enter the text editing mode. The text editing mode allows you to delete or add text to PDF document. And in the control panel, you will find radio buttons that will allow you to change the font, font size, and even customize colors to emphasize your text selection. In just a few clicks, you can change the text to any color you want. Try it out.

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Open PDF file with the Mac PDF editor

If you have installed the PDF editor on your Mac, run the program. Then navigate to the folder with PDF files, directly drag and drop the PDF file to the main interface of the program, and the file will open automatically.


Start to change text color in PDF

Find the "Tools" in the toolbar, and double-click the "Touchup Tool" to edit the text.

change text color in pdf

Select the text you want to change color, and right-click to select the "Properties".

change font color in pdf

Choose the color that you want to change for the text.

change color pdf


Also see the video tutorial about how to change PDF color Mac:

Part 2: How to change text color in PDF on Windows

For Windows users, you can also change text color in PDF easily when you are using iSkysoft PDF editor for Windows version. It comes with various editing tools for you to easily change PDF text color, background color, font style, or font size to emphasize certain sections. Below windows guide will show you how to change font color in PDF.

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Open PDF files with Windows PDF editor

When you have installed the PDF editor on your Windows PC, run the program. Then click the “Open” button in the main interface to import PDF files to the program. Alternatively, directly drag the PDF files from your local folder to the program, and the file will open in the editor automatically.


Change font color in PDF files

In this step, double click anywhere in the PDF file, you will get the “Format” tab appear on the top toolbar. Now you can start to change text color, background color, font size, or font style in PDF file. Just select the text selection you want, then click the font color option to show the color list and choose your target color. You will get the selected text show in the color you chosen. You can use the same way to change the font style and font size.

Edit text

Tips: The PDF editor for Mac or Windows lets you change the background color in PDF document easily. You can use the conversion function they provide to convert the PDF file to Word format. Then use the “Pages Color” option in Microsoft Word to change the background color.


How does one change the background of the pdf document( to a darker shade) for easier reading on mac?
Linda Watson
I\'ve always had vision problems, reading lighter-colored fonts was a nightmare for me.. But by following these tips, I have reduced the difficulty and moreover changing fonts makes my documents more attractive and a feast for the eye..
Trace Eldis
By doing this you can really change the whole look of your page. It can make a dull document stand out and make the difference between a good document and a great document. If you change PDF color on Mac, then you can see some great improvements.
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