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Apple rocks and changes the world with her great products including her iPhone, iPod and iPad. And here you can find anything to make your iOS device more accessible. All iOS devices tips and tricks about music, movie, eBook, ringtone and more.
How to Play AVI on iPhone (iPhone 5 included)
Play AVI on iPhone: this article introduces what type of AVI does iPhone 4S supports and how to play any AVI including downloaded AVI movies on iPhone 5,iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Read more...
How to Play AVI Files on iPad
Play AVI on iPad: this article introduces what type of AVI files iPad supports and how to play AVI on iPad with AVI to iPad Converter for Mac. iPad4, iPad2, iPad mini etc include. Read more...
Import Songs and Videos from iPod to iPhone 5/iPhone 4
How to transfer your iPod content to new iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s? If you have a Mac, you can do this by copying your iPod content to your Mac, and then sync them to iPhone. Here you can get some hints. Read more...

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