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Flash video is used to deliver video over the Internet by Adobe Flash Player (versions 6 and higher). Flash video usually comes with FLV or F4V file format, which has now become the most popular format for embedded videos on the World Wide Web. Video sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Google Video, Dailymotion, Yahoo Video, and many more are providing users with flash videos.

When you enjoy flash videos online, there might be times you want to download flash video to save them on your Mac OS X (10.11 EL Capitan and 10.10 Yosemite) and Windows PC. If so, you are in the right place.

Part 1. How to Download Flash Videos on Mac

The Best Flash Video Downloader

video flash downloader

To do this, you can rely on an eligible flash video downloader to get desired videos. If you are looking for a program, the iSkysoft Flash Video Downloader for Mac (or iSkysoft Flash Video Downloader for Windows) will do the job for you effortlessly. Having it installed will let Safari, Chrome, and Firefox automatically detect any flash video on the website you're currently looking at. Then you can download the flash video in only 1 click.

Steps on How to Download Flash Videos on Mac

The following steps will tell you how to download Flash Videos on your Mac computer (including Mac OS X 10.11 EL Capitan, 10.9 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite).

Flash video downloader Mac

Step 1: Start to download flash video Mac

First, download and install the flash video downloader Mac. After you install it, it could be automatically launched. Open the video sharing website with Safari and find the flash video you want to download. Then when you play the video, a Download button will appear on the top left corner of the video. Then three ways are available to accomplish the flash download.

  • Press the Download button which has already appeared on the top left corner of the video to start downloading;
  • Copy the video URL and then resume to the program and click Paste URL. Then your flash video will be downloaded quickly;
  • Directly drag and drop the video URL to the dock icon of the flash video downloader.

Tips: You can watch more interesting videos on the video-sharing websites by leaving the Flash Video Downloader run background. When you find another wonderful video, you can download it in the same way.

download Flash for Mac

Step 2: Play and manage the downloaded flash videos

If you want to watch the flash video right after it is done, you can directly go to the Downloaded tab, and double click the video thumbnail to play it with the built-in video p[layer. Here you can choose any playback mode you prefer and freely take snapshots.

If you some FLV/MP4 video clips stored on your Mac, you can easily manage these videos by using the Flash Video Downloader for Mac (Yosemite). You just need to go to the File menu and choosing Import to load the videos into the program. Alternatively, right click any item in the downloaded video list and choose Import from the resulting menu.

download Flash Mac

Step 3: Convert the downloaded flash videos to any format

iSkysoft iTube Studio is not only a web flash video downloader, but also a flash video converter. It supports a variety of output formats, enabling you to easily convert both the downloaded videos and local videos to any other video and audio formats. If you are going to watch the videos on your mobile device, you can also choose a suitable preset for your device. To do this, you only need to click the Downloaded tab and find the target video and then click the Convert button.

Part 2. How to Download Flash Videos on Windows

To download flash videos on Your Windows PC, iSkysoft Flash Video Downloader for Windows version is a great helper. It provides you with a built-in browser so you can access any flash videos directly through the program. You can download the flash video with the Download button it enables, or with just the flash video URL. It comes with a lots of useful features:

  • Download flash videos from YouTube, Facebook, Lynda, and 1000 more sites.
  • Record videos from any sites when the download is unavailable.
  • Has a built-in browser allowing you to access the flash video directly.
  • Convert flash videos to any formats or directly to your devices.
  • Play flash videos with built-in media player.

Video downloader 

How to Download Flash Videos on Windows PC

Step 1: Launch flash video downloader for Windows.

Step 2: Open and play the flash video you would like to download.

Step 3: Click the "Download" button appears on the flash video window to download the video.

Part 3. How to Download Flash Videos on Browser Chrome

Chrome allows you to download flash video directly with its addon downloader. The steps as below:

Step 1: Search and install the Flash Video Downloader addon from Chrome web store.

Step 2: Go to a video site to open the flash video. The download icon will highlight on your browser. And you will see flash video list that can be downloaded.

Step 3: Click the download button beside the video to download the video you want.

1. Most of the flash videos are not available in the download list.
2. It will make your Chrome dead while working.

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Connor Smith
The whole process is easy and awesome part is converting to several format. I'm looking for such kind of process from a long time and thanks as it worked for me perfectly.
I am so glad you techie people know how to do this stuff. It's great to know that you've figured it all out and packaged it so it's easy to use for the rest of us.
I'm currently using the trial version of iskysoft. It says that it will take three hours to convert the video to an MP4 format. Was still take that long once I purchase the real program?
Flash video downloader for Mac is the best way to download flash videos. And, that\'s good since running Flash videos online with my Mac always causes lag. Playing these same flash videos offline in a desired format requires no buffering as it would online so I can watch with no lagging or stops.
I like how you can use this software on either Mac or Windows PC, as I have both versions. Do you know if this software works on Chromebook? I\'m planning to get one of those soon, too.
The first time i tried this software, it didn\'t work. But that was only because I had not started playing the video on the page. Apparently it detects the video once you click the play button. Once I reread the instructions it was very clear what I was supposed to do. And, I\'ve had no problems with the software since.
Flash video has become the most popular format for embedded video on the web and yeah i can see the flash video on most of the sites which can be downloaded easily in windows but for mac we should try some good software...
Normally, we have to download adobe a flash video downloader to help you download flash for Mac. But i think most of softwares won\'t work fine. Here the powerful Flash Video Downloader for Mac is strongly recommended.
After trying another software on my Mac and being disappointed with the results; a friend of mine recommended the Flash video downloader for Mac (also known as the iTube Studio for Mac). This software is just what I was looking for.
There are so few good apps designed specifically for Mac.. But the Flash Video Downloader for Mac works perfectly with the Safari browser. This product works exactly as described.

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