How to Download Your Favorite TV Show for Free

As a fan of American TV shows, I do not want to miss any watched TV series like, THE BIG BANG THEORY, THE WALKING DEAD, 2 Broke Girls which are the most watched TV series. But it is really not convenient to watch all of them with network connection and waste too much time on buffering. So, I wonder if I can download TV shows without making an account and enjoy them anywhere anytime. Fortunately, I happen to find a way to download my favorite TV series for totally free and I can skip all the annoying ads. Here I would like to share the tips with who are also fans of TV shows.

How to download TV shows effortlessly

To download TV series, a reliable video downloader is needed. The one I highly recommend is iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac, which allows you to download your favorite TV shows with only one click. You can directly play what you have downloaded with the built-in player and also manage your own videos easily. Just follow below detailed guides to start downloading TV show.

  • download iskysoft software

Install iTube Studio for Mac

When you have downloaded the program on your Mac, follow instruction menu to finish installation. When done, the downloader will launch automatically. And you will see the main interface shown as below.

download online video


Download Your Favorite TV Shows for Free

Now, open Safari, Chrome or Firefox and find your favorite TV shows. Play the shows you want to download, you will get a “Download” button appears on the top left corner of the video. Then three options are available to download TV series.

1) Directly click the “Download” button, and the downloader will load the shows and start downloading.

embedded video downloader Mac

2) Navigate to the address bar on the browser and drag the shows URL icon to the main interface of the program, the downloader will process downloading automatically.

3) Copy TV show link and go to the main interface of the program, click the “Paste URL” button, the shows will be captured immediately and the download begins.

Paste URL to Download YouTube


Play Downloaded TV Series on Mac

After you have downloaded all shows you want, go to the “Downloaded” tab in the primary window, you can view downloaded files on the right. Double click any one of them to play it with the built-in player. Alternatively, you can control-click any one of the file and select “Play” option to play it.

play downloaded TV shows

Tips: If you want to play the downloaded file on your portable devices, you can convert the files to the compatible formats. Just go to the “Downloaded” tab and click the “Convert” button on the right, then select your target format to start converting. You will get the output file fit your devices perfectly.

Now enjoying your favorite TV shows will not be a difficult thing. Just download the recommended program and get your wanted TV series.


Brian Fisher
Hi Bashir, this powerful tool can support more that 100 sites. For detailed information about supported sites, you can refer to .
And, how many sites will allow download with the iTube Studio for Mac? I\'d be interested in downloading TV shows from such sites as Hulu and maybe even Crackle. Is that possible? Anyway, I love the idea of using this software and will download and try out right away to see what it can do for me.
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