Listen to YouTube: Download and Convert YouTube to MP3

Latest survey shows that most of the teenagers nowadays prefer to watch and listen to music not on the radio, mp3 player or online music streaming websites, but in YouTube. Most of us are familiar with YouTube which is a video sharing website, but because of the features and ingenuity of people, this online video sharing website has also turned into a popular music streaming website. However, since YouTube is an online service, some users cannot always get to listen to YouTube music if they don't have an internet connection. This is why there are some applications and software that were developed to download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 files.

The best two application is and iSkysoft iTube Studio. However, sometimes is not working, especially on Mac platform. Compared to, iSkysoft iTube Studio not only allows you to download and convert YouTube to MP3, but also convert YouTube to all popular video and audio formats, and download video from over 100 sites besides YouTube. Your music library will be virtually unlimited. If you would like to download music from YouTube, iSkysoft iTube Studio is a good Listen to YouTube alternative for Mac users.

  • download iskysoft software
  • download iskysoft software

Listen to YouTube by Download YouTube to MP3, WMA, M4A...

iSkysoft iTube Studio is one of the software that allows its users to download any video from popular video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe or Facebook and convert these videos into MP3 or other video/audio formats that can be played on your phone, music device, PSP, PC, tablet or laptop and listen YouTube music anywhere. Below are the easy steps to help you listen to YouTube effortlessly. The Mac version is used for example.


Open "Listen to YouTube" Downloader

Download and double click. dmg file to start installing iSkysoft iTube Studio to your computer. It comes with an installation wizard to help you complete the process in minutes. After that, a download button will be added to any video on the supported sites.

listen to youtube downloader installation


One Click to Download YouTube MP3 File to Your Computer

The Mac version provides you with a "Download then Convert" feature so you can directly save YouTube as MP3 file. To do so, activate this special mode first. Just click the "Download then Convert" button at the top right corder. In the resulting windows, choose MP3 from Audio category. After this step, anytime when you click the Download button in your browser, the YouTube video will be saved to MP3 format. To change it, just switch off the "Download then Convert" option.

listen to youtube easily

Even you're in "Download then Convert" mode, you can click the Paste URL to add YouTube video to the "listen to Youtube" list.


Convert FLV video to MP3 (Optional)

If you have not activated the "Download the Convert" option and download YouTube video manually, iSkysoft Listen to YouTube downloader lets you convert the downloaded YouTube video to MP3 in a few clicks, similar to the process you enable the "Download then Convert" option. If you're using iPod/iPhone/iPad, you can check the option "Export to iTunes" so you actually directly download YouTube to iTunes. When download complete, you're ready to sync MP3 so you can listen to YouTube music fast and easy.

listen to youtube conversion

Also watch the video tutorial below:

Compared to, iSkysoft iTube Studio not only allows you to download and convert YouTube to MP3, but also convert YouTube to all popular video and audio formats, and download video from over 100 sites besides YouTube.
My mom was always complaining that I was using too much broadband to stream my Youtube videos. She don\'t understand how much I love my music. Since I found this software, she has no more complaints as I can capture my music and listen to it in a way that doesn\'t use our internet signal. She\'s so happy now. So am I.
Before finding this software, I was constantly listening to music on Youtube. Most times, I would just leave up the video in the background and multi task on something else at the same time. But, that method of listening to music was dependent on having a Wifi or 3G connection, which was not always possible. This software helped me so much.
The best part of this software is how it does so much more than simply download Youtube videos (which you can actually do with many online apps). Being able to convert a video to a pure mp3 is very convenient and saves so much space on the hard drive. It\'s one of my favorite software so far. Thanks for making such a high quality product.
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