MP3 Rocket for Mac: Download YouTube to MP3 and Sync to iTunes

MP3 Rocket is a fast Video/YouTube to MP3 converter, which comes with both Basic and Pro versions. However, none of them works on Mac. MP3 Rocket currently only supports Windows PCs. The official website tells this explicitly.

MP3 rocket for mac

Don't try to download the EXE file from MP3 Rocket website and run it on your Mac. You'll get a message saying "the download was corrupt" or so. What you need is MP3 Rocket for Mac alternative that really helps you to convert YouTube to MP3. Here I humbly recommend iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac. It's one of the easiest YouTube downloader and converter for Mac (OS X 10.9 Mavericks) that enables you one-click to extract MP3 from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Vevo, Veoh, and up to 100 sites. Like MP3 Rocket, it downloads and converts video at lightning speed - batch downloading is features. Get a free trial now.

  • download iskysoft software
  • download iskysoft software

Download Unlimited MP3 and Automatically Sync to iTunes

As an ideal MP3 Rocket for Mac alternative, iTube Studio is extremely easy to use. Similar to MP3 Rocket, it can automatically download YouTube to iTunes library so you can sync to iPod, iPhone and iPad in a hassle-free way. Now see how to use this MP3 Rocket alternative on Mac step by step.


Open MP3 Rocket for Mac Alternative

Download and install iSkysoft YouTube Converter for Mac. A wizard will guide you through the process step by step. When complete, a download button will be integrated into your selected browser(s). You can then run it from Application folder. From now on, you can watch YouTube in Safari, Firefox, or Chrome, and save it to MP3 anytime you want.

MP3 Rocket for Mac installation


One Click to Download YouTube Video

Now go to with your favorite browser and play the video you want to download. Mouse over the YouTube video player, and the Download button will appear at the top left corner. Click it to start capturing and downloading YouTube video.

MP3 rocket for mac alternative

Alternatively, copy the YouTube video URL and click the Paste URL or drag and drop the URL to the dock. Both will start downloading YouTube video as you want.


Convert YouTube to MP3, Importing to iTunes or Not

The downloaded video will appear in the Downloaded tab. To convert YouTube video to MP3, go to Downloaded tab, and click the Convert. In the window that shows, choose MP3 format from Common Audio category. Or you can directly choose iPod in the Apple category and similarly PSP in Game Devices. All popular formats and devices are fully supported. If an Apple device is chosen, you can tick the option "Export to iTunes" at bottom of the window. If so the converted MP3 file will be imported to iTunes library automatically. It's only a few clicks away from playing on your iPod.

MP3 rocket mac

Directly Download YouTube to MP3: This MP3 Rocket for Mac alternative makes it even faster to download YouTube to MP3 or iTunes. By checking the "Download then Convert" button at the top right corner, you set the conversion format. Thus, when you click the Download button in browser, the YouTube video will be downloaded to MP3 and iTunes directly. No more conversions. Magic!

So MP3 Rocket apparently doesn't work with a Mac because it is only a Windows program. If you like MP3 Rocket, you will surely love iTube Studio for Mac - the best equivalent of MP3 Rocket for Mac. All recent Mac OS X systems are supported, including Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Leopard. You can also try online YouTube downloader if you don't want to install anything.

No doubt the mp3 rocket is amazing which made my work more easier to convert any video to mp3.. Now i should go for a full version(paid one) as i can\'t use trail version anymore.
Well to honest I couldn\'t believe that was possible, the tutorial is well explained which we can easily covert any videos to mp3.
Sohail Khan
MP3 Rocket for Mac alternative that really helps you to convert YouTube to MP3. Here I recommend iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac which is an awesome piece of software which has cool features.
mp3 rocket mac is a way for me to get some songs that I may not be able to get otherwise. I am very impatient and like things to download fast and with this I am hoping it does that.
Yes I too agree that this is the fastest. Mp3 rocket download is a great way to get songs that you love to listen to in an easy fashion.
I\'m not a very tech savvy person; but this software was so easy to install. After the brief install process, I was able to start using it right away with very little explanation or tutorial. So far, I\'ve enjoyed using the trial version and hope to upgrade.
The iSkySoft team had always helped us, no matter the problem.
I couldn\'t find a more performant soft for Mac or Windows.
I love your work, no matter what other people might say or think!
The best soft ever released on the market!
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