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Savevid Not Working? See How to Resolve It Here

"Help! Savevid not worked on my computer! Is there any sites like Savevid.com?"

"How do you download youtube movies? It does not work on any savevid, or keepvid site always has an error?"

Recently, there are many Yahoo Answers users reporting savevid.com issues, especially if users are running Mac OS X. That's because Apple released Java updates that will disable Java in all of your browsers at once. This will result in the failure to use any online video downloader that based on Java, for example, Savevid, Keepvid and many more.

This article will introduce 2 solutions: 1. How to Fix 'Savevid Not Working' problem by enabling Java. 2. Get a desktop application alternative to Savevid like iSkysoft iTube Studio, which isn't online downloader and won't stop working. The best part of iTube Studio is that it puts a smart download button on every supported video so you can download online video in one click without leaving your web browser. It neatly integrates into your favorite browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Try to Fix 'Savevid Not Working' Problem by Enabling Java

To enable Java on Mac's browsers like Safari, go to Preferences > Security > "Enable Java" in Safari. To enable Java on Windows' browsers like Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab, click the Custom Level button and scroll down to Scripting of Java applets, make sure the Enable radio button is checked.

For more detailed instructions on enable Java in other web browser, visit here.

Using Savevid Alternative App If Savevid Not Working

Unfortunately, it doesn't mean that you won't encounter any problem once get Java enable. If you need a more stable solution to download online video, iSkysoft iTube Studio is great option. iSkysoft iTube Studio doesn't rely on Java. With it, all you need to do is visit the YouTube video page and click the Download button, and the video immediately starts downloading. It's extremely easy and convenient! iSkysoft iTube Studio works not only with YouTube, but also with more than a hundred other video sites, ensuring that you don't need any other software for your video downloading needs.

Note that iSkysoft iTube Studio allows you to download YouTube videos for totally FREE. Pay for downloading video from more web videos besides of YouTube, and converting online videos to play on virtually any mobile devices.


Run Savevid alternative video downloader

First, download and install this video downloader. After this process, a download button will be added to your browser. From then on, you can easily download video in one click while you're watching video. No need to copy and paste URL again and again.

video downloader alternative to savevid


One click to download YouTube video

Go to a supported video sites like YouTube, and open any video page to play. Mouse over the video player and then a Download button will appear at the top left corner of the video. Click it to start downloading YouTube video. It's that convenience.

download youtube in one click

Of course, you can still use the Paste URL feature to download YouTube video via URL, or drag and drop the URL icon to the program interface to download YouTube video.


Convert online video to virtually any video or audio format

Different from online video sites like Savevid, iSkysoft iTube Studio can convert the downloaded video to various video or audio format. Just go to the Downloaded tab and click the Convert button on each video item bar.

savevid not working fixed

So Savevid not working should not be a problem now. Fix it or use the best alternative desktop application - iSkysoft YouTube Downloader.

Sue nel
Yeah you are right i faced similar issue several times, it always show java not enabled. Im gonna try the alternative application. The detailed tutorial really helped me.
Beam PT
Beautiful music. Please let me know what's this soundtrack you've chosen for this video. Thanks for the tutorial too.
Wow iskysoft has lit of amazing softwares in which mostly i can see are related to video conversation and etc. And yeah i do use saveid for downloading videos.
savevid is a cool site, no doubt about that. But the alternative for savevid is somewhat simple as i just tried using this software and alternatively you can also try iSkysoft YouTube Downloader.
Wow amazing stuff, the above tutorial is awesome and well explained. I don't have any issue regarding the savevid or etc as iam using itube studio which is awesome.
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