Nowadays, you can't live without URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and HTML (HyperText Markup Language) . When you're surfing online, the URL is your tour guide, while HTML is the designer (it decides how the page is presented). URL takes you anywhere you want to go. It's the same for browsing and watching video online. Taking YouTube for example, YouTube has become the most popular place for video on the Internet. You can find just about any subject you are looking for and choose the best directly YouTube Downloader and Converter to solve all problem. Every video on YouTube has a unique URL so people can either click it or type it to watch the video.

So, what do you do when you find a video on YouTube and want to take it with you for use on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad? The question - is there a URL video downloader? - may first come to your mind. Yes, there is, URL Video Downloader is the special software you need to catch the video you find on YouTube and convert it the format so you can use it on your device.

Part 1. The Fastest and Easiest URL Video Downloader

free url video downloader

iSkysoft iTube Studio is such a video downloader from url that allows you to download video from any supported URL. It automatically detects videos when you are playing them in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari (Mac Version). You just copy the URL and click the Paste URL in the program, and iTube Studio will does the rest for your. For the Mac version of iSkysoft URL Video Downloader, you can even drag and drop URL to start downloading videos on Mac (OS X 10.9 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite).

Part 2. How to Copy URL and Paste URL to Download Online Video

Now taking the Mac version of iSkysoft iTube Studio for example, I will show you how to download YouTube video via URL, and convert to device compatible format as you want.

download youtube from url

Step 1: Open iSkysoft URL Video Downloader for Mac

Download and install this URL video downloader. Afterwards, you're ready to save video from any URL of the supported sites. You're recommended to close the running browser before installation.

Step 2: Copy and paste URL to download video

iTube Studio for Mac provides you with 3 ways to download video from URL: 1) Copy and paste URL; 2) Drag and drop URL icon to the dock icon; 3)Click the Download button on the page. Personally, I prefer "Copy and paste URL" method to the others. Now just go to video site to play the video you want to download, and copy URL from the address bar of your browser and activate iTube Studio to click the Paste URL button at the top left corner. You'll see the video is added to the downloading queue.

download youtube via url

Step 3: Convert video to other formats (Optional)

The video will be downloaded to FLV or MP4 format. To convert the downloaded video, go to Downloaded tab, and click the Convert to the right of each video. In the dialog that appears, choose the format you want to convert to.

With iSkysoft URL Video Downloader, it's easy to download video from URL within your browser. If necessary, iSkysoft URL Converter can convert videos for use on your device directly like iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Of course, you can play it on your computer later, or whenever you want. Downloading video using url lets you benefits from watching video with no ads, no buffering and without Internet required.

iSkysoft takes it a step further. You can take that favorite YouTube video with you wherever you do on whatever device you happen to have. iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac (Yosemite) downloads video from any supported URL and in a few clicks - without unnecessary settings.

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ah.. Thanks! just confirming! ^_^
Hi, yes! This is a safe and easy way to download online videos.
Thanks guys. Amazing stuff once again.
greatest software ever!! waaaaaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Larson Tiegs
Who knew it could be so easy to simply download a cool Youtube video by pasting the url into a software? That\'s more than I could have hoped for. Very pleased with the YouTube Downloader and Converter and hope my friends will use the software too.
Lila Port
Being able to download videos with the URL Video Downloader, by simply pasting a url into the software has been a lifesaver. Before, I was always having to go to a different website, paste in the url and hope the downloaded results worked on my computer. With the URL Video Downloader, I can always be assured of crispest video quality and best audio sound for downloaded Youtube videos.
Mihalcea Andrei
My son is driving me crazy, i think i have more than 200 GB of old cartoons downloaded with this software, from Youtube. He really likes everything from Looney Toones, Bugs Bunny especially.
Sean Dimple
I heard that there are such kind of video download software that can save the file directly to your email. Does this software have similar options? Can it download it straight to my inbox?
Stan Boston
I enjoy this piece of software too much. Already i manage to fill 100 GB with YouTube video. I downloaded all Nirvana\'s video plus some other bands. Rock on!

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