Youku Downloader: One-click to Download Video from Youku

Youku is a popular video-sharing website in China. It is very similar to YouTube that people can sign up for an account and upload videos to the site regardless of length. Perhaps the best thing about Youku is its joint venture with over 1,500 license holders which allow them to host popular movies and TV shows in full length on the holders’ website. Users worldwide can visit the Youku website and watch videos on it for free, although you might not like the fact that it has many advertisements. If you wish to download Youku videos for offline viewing without the annoying ads., iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac will be able to do the job for you. You only need a few easy clicks then you can save your favorite videos from Youku on your Mac (including new Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite). Now try it out. (For Windows PC users, please download the iTube Studio for Windows.)

  • download iskysoft software
  • download iskysoft software

Note that some videos would require you to have a Chinese IP address if these videos are blocked internationally. Also, click the Download button after the ads are done to avoid downloading videos with ads (these usually last for 10 seconds).

Guides on Download Videos from Youku to Your Computer

Now see how to download Youku video by iSkysoft iTube Studio. The detail guides bellow is for your reference.


Run Youku Video Downloader

Click the above big "Download" icon to download Youku downloader and install it according to the setup prompts. When installation completed, this Youku downloader will launch automatically.

youku downloader installation


Download Youku Video with One Click

Find the video you like on and play it. When you play the video, you will get a "Download" button appeared on the video window. Click the button to add video to the download list of iTube Studio.

download video from youku

You can also copy the video URL from the address bar and then go to the primary window of the program to click the “Paste URL” button to start downloading Youku videos. If you can't get the “Download” button to show in Safari, it is recommended to use Google Chrome to download videos from Youku.


Convert Downloaded Youku Video from and to FLV/MP4

This program also works as a Youku video converter. It allows you to convert your downloaded videos into the format that is compatible with your portable device. When you go to the “Downloaded” tab, you will see a “Convert” button on the right side of each video. Just click the “Convert” button and you will then be guided to follow a few simple steps to complete the conversion process.

convert downloaded youku video

Also watch the video tutorial below:

How to Get in English

You can use Google Chrome to translate the Youku page to English by right-clicking the mouse on any part of the webpage and clicking the "Translate to English" option. If you're using Firefox, you can find the translation option on the top of the page. Alternatively, you can go to the Google Translate website to translate the Youku page for you.

Note: Youku and Tudou, the two famous video-sharing websites in China, had merged in 2012 and become Youku Tudou Inc.


if i already download in web, i wanna play in television cant play? can tell me the solution? thanks
Just download a Youku Client. You can download videos perfectly
the chrome plugin auto disable again and again, why?
one problem need to solve, in Hong Kong drama there's 2 voice option to choose chinese and cantonese. When i choose cantonese voice and download after complete then i playback the video file and it become chinese voice.
Please update the software to the latest version, Due to the restriction technologies of Youku and other video sites, sometimes it\'ll not allow users to download videos. Just let us know, and we\'ll update the software so as to download online videos. Thanks you so much for your support.
I just purchased the video converter ultimate and can only download six minutes of a youku video. Why?
can I download videos from other web site like youtube?
Everyone who complains that they can\'t download the full videos: it has NOTHING to do with your internet connection. Videos on the Youku server are often stored in fragments, especially HD videos.
Brian Fisher
Hi Alle, we are so sorry for any inconvenience. If you are downloading YouKu videos, you have to enable the VPN connection. And please delete the downloaded clips and try to restart the program and download again. If there is any other question, please feel free to contact us.
Why only 7 mins download for every movie? My internet is fast, 41mb
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