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Generally speaking, digital cameras and camcorders support TV connection, which means that you are able to display your cam videos and images on a large screen. To connect your camera to TV, here are some clues: check the specification of your camera and make sure there is a section (normally named Video Out) which will tell you whether your cam has this ability or not.

Simple Steps to Connect Camera to TV

It’s fairly straightforward to connect your camera to a television if you have a proper cable. Actually, the cable should be supplied by the manufacturer and be included in the box the camera comes in.

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connect camera to tv

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1. Switch off your camera and locate the video out socket; plug the cable into the socket. It should matched the color of the socket.
Step 2. Power off your TV set. There may be more than one video in socket on your television. Read your television manual to make sure the proper one you should use.
Step 3. Connect your digital camera to the TV by plugging the other end of the cable into the video in socket on your TV. Again, the two may be color coded.
Step 4. Turn on your television and camera. Then you are able to view your images and videos on your TV as you wish. Press the buttons on your camera to scroll through the camera images.
If you have a widescreen television you can use it's controls to determine whether the pictures appear in widescreen format or not.

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