Where to Download Free Videos or Music for iPhone 5 and iPod

Free and Legal Places to Videos for iPhone 5 and iPod

  • Channel Frederator provides tremendous awesome short animations, claimed to be Internet Cartoon Mecca.
  • PodGuide.tv , a guide to stock handpicked free top-hit videos from a wide range of websites.
  • Channel 101 and Channel 101.NY, provides many entertaining videos and short films.
  • The iTunes Music Store's podcast section provides many free videos.
  • The Chronic..What?..cles of Narnia. Need I say more?
  • The Internet Archive is well known for providing old movies and videos such as Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. The Archive's 256Kb MPEG4 Downloads are unhappily not iPod-ready as previously thought. The format is correct, but when played back on the iPhone and iPod, there are audio pops . You're probably better to download the MPEG2 videos anyway. The 265Kb files were pretty low-res and it's a snap to re-encode the MPEG2 files for your iPod with iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac.
  • Channel Frederator is similar to The Cartoon Network that comes without commercials.

Illegal Places to Get Videos for your iPhone 5 and iPod

You're probably familiar with most of these options, but if you aren't then they're new to you!

  • Search the BitTorrent network for iPhone and iPod.
  • Check Podtropolis
  • The Pirate Bay!

Seriously, you should probably stick to LEGAL sources for iPod and iPhone videos.

Downloading Free Music

  • 3hive.com: It offers a lot of free songs supported by iPod in blog-style listing, which provided by record artists and labels in order to encourage customers to purchase full-album. The songs from this site are all in MP3 format with different bit-rate normally in the range between 128kbps and 192kbps.
  • Epitonic.com: It offers free MP3 digital music with artist-focused, highly professional presentation, coming with detail biographical and short previews of songs across a narrow collection of genres.
  • Freekidsmusic.com: Working with its brother site Freechildrensmusic.com, offers a great number of free songs in MP3 format for young people.
  • Garageband.com: Do not mix up with a music creation application coming from Apple with the same name, Garageband.com collects and offers popularity charts of independent music, which features over 125,000 bands.
  • MP34U.com: It comes with a simple yet professional interface for individual free songs. These songs are selected by site “sources” who only pick and post the music they like and sorted by genre.
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