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iPod is an innovative device to store and play audio files encoded by MP3 or AAC, while iTunes is the default way to manage your MP3 files and other media files, and sync content between iPod and computer. However, iTunes is a little bit complicated and has its own limitations such as non-Windows-friendly, compatibility with Linux, and limited audio format, etc. This article will show how to transfer MP3 to iPod without or with iTunes step by step.

Method 1: TunesOver - iPod Transfer and Manager for Mac and Windows

iSkysoft TunesOver is an ideal MP3 to iPod transfer with extra features like effortlessly transferring photo, video, audio and more files between your Mac/iTunes and any iOS device. TunesOver for Mac makes it easy to transfer songs and playlist with rating and play counts from iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes and Mac. What makes it outstanding is the ability to transfer virtually any format video & audio to iPod and other Apple devices, as well as copy DVD movies to iPod in no time.

If you are using a Windows PC, you can use iSkysoft TunesOver for Windows version to transfer MP3 to iPod.

Why Choose iSkysoft TunesOver

Safely transfer to iPod


Transfer music and playlists to iPod without erasing contents.

Convert files to iPod


Automatically detect and convert file formats for iPod.

Manage iPod files


Manage iPod songs, videos, and photos easily.

Transfer from iPod to iTunes


Backup iPod contents to iTunes or computer.

Simple Steps to Transfer MP3 to iPod

Step 1 Launch the program and connect your iPod with Mac

After you install the program on your Mac, connect your iPod to Mac with a USB cable. This smart program can detect your device and show your iPod information as the below image.

connect ipod to mac

Step 2 Start transferring MP3 to iPod

Now you can go to the Music tab and click the "Add" button. Then you will get a pop-up window for file selection. Just select the MP3 files you want and import it to your iPod. If you are transferring some iPod incompatible files, this program will automatically convert them to fit your iPod. After the transferring, you can enjoy the MP3 files with your iPod on the go.

transfer mp3 to ipod

Note: This product currently is compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6. View more details on the video.

See details in the video on how to transfer MP3 to iPod with ease.

Method 2: iTunes - The Default Way with Restrictions

iTunes is the official media management software for Mac and all iDevices. It will be pre-installed on your Mac. Windows users can download and install it on PC without any program. With it, you can activate your iPod, purchase music and transfer music to iPod. iTunes is not bad until one day when you want to add your own MP3 or other media files to iPod. You'll find out that iTunes refuses to save content to iPod from any source unless it's iTunes. To bypass this, the TunesOver introduced above. Below is the easy steps to transfer MP3 to iPod.


  • Step 1: Run iTunes and connect your iPod to computer with USB cable.
  • Step 2: Set up your iPod. By default, your iPod will automatically sync with your iTunes library. To change this, click the "iPod" in the "Devices" list and open the settings. Click Summary > Manually Manage Music and Video.
  • Step 3: Add your MP3 to the library if they are not their. You can also rip CD to iTunes and transfer MP3 to iPod to play anywhere.
  • Step 4: Select the iPod in iTunes > Devices.
  • Step 5: Click the Music tab, and make sure your playlist is ticked under the Selected playlists.
  • Step 6: Click Sync to go. To manually transfer MP3 to iPod, simply drag the MP3 files from your library onto your iPod icon.

Method 3: Using MediaMonkey - Transfer MP3 to iPod on Windows and Linux

MediaMonkey is a third-party free media player to play MP3 and other audio files on your Windows and Linux computer. It can also easily transfer MP3 to iPod by going through Tools > Sync Devices. Besides iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and others MP3 player devices are also supported. This article is originally written to transfer MP3 to iPod without iTunes. Ironically, you need to install iTunes because iTunes comes with the device driver for iPod that is required to detect and access the database of the iPod. Any way, it's a new way to transfer MP3 to iPod on Windows other than Mac-specific software - iTunes.

transfer mp3 to ipod using MediaMonkey 

When you transfer MP3 to iPod, you might encounter below common iTunes syncing errors. Just choose the above methods to solve them.

iTunes Sync Error 1

itunes sync error

Only can sync iPod with one iTunes library.

iTunes Sync Error 2

itunes sync error

Non-purchase songs can not be found and synced with iTunes.

iTunes Sync Error 3

itunes sync error

Erasing and syncing will replce the contents of your iPod.

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Hi. I've already connected my ipod shuffle_4 to TunesOver but only the "Media" and "Playlist" appeared and when I clicked on them, there's a pop up box which says "TunesOver cannot read your iDevice. You can use iTunes to backup some information before restore.Note that iTunes restore will erase all songs and videos in your device." Is there somebody who can tell me what to do? Thanks to whoever will respond.
thank you very much for this very good app. just when i'm about to surrender on my iphone music!!!
Awesome suggestion - finally something that does what I want and not what the software does.... thanks!!
Now, this is really useful!!... somehow the ipod driver could be easily retrieved and distributed without itunes executable.
For PC users there is PhoneStick to try. I have been using it for 2 months already -brings so much music to my iPhone. love it :)))
Brilliant stumbled on this after hours of being defeated. Thank you
thx bro

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