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How to Import MTS/M2TS Files to Final Cut Pro on Mac

Have some interesting footage in your HD camcorder in MTS/M2TS and got some creative ideas to make your own stunning Hollywood style movie? You might have thought of Final Cut Pro. Yes, it is an ideal app to edit videos. To edit MTS/M2TS footage saved in your HD camcorder, you need to import files in MTS/M2TS to Final Cut Pro firstly. This is a tutorial which tells you how to import HD camcorder videos to FCP for editing on Mac OS X like Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard.

When HD camcorder video is compatible with Final Cut Pro

1. Connect HD camcorder to your Mac, and it shows up as a drive on the desktop

2. Hit Cmd-Shift-8 to open the Log and Transfer window (FCP 6 or above)

3. The clips in HD camcorder will be ready for being imported to FCP for editing

import MTS/M2TS files

When HD camcorder videos are not recognizable by Final Cut Pro

If the MTS/M2TS files grey out when you try to import them to FCP, you need to convert them to FCP friendly formats. Of course, to do the video conversion, you need a professional app. Here the professional MTS to FCP Video Converter for Mac is strongly recommended. With it, just in a few clicks you could successfully upload HD videos to FCP.

  • download iskysoft software
  • download iskysoft software

Note: This MTS Video Converter for Mac Supports MTS/M2TS files from a variety of HD camcorders like: Canon VIXIA HF200, Canon FS200, Canon VIXIA HFS100, Canon VIXIA HG21, Panasonic HDC-HS300, Panasonic HDC-HS20, Sony HDR-CX100, Sony DCR-SR47, JVC GZ-HD40, JVC GZ-HD10 etc.


Add MTS files to the program

Plug the camcorder containing the files to the computer after lunching the software and the program will automatically detect and display them for you to select.


In case the files are already on the computer, you can drag and drop them in the main interface, or press the media file browser and select the files from the computer folders. If you want to merge several video clips into a long video clip, just check Merge All Videos.



Select an output video format

When it comes to choosing the output format for these target videos, you have several options. You can choose Final Cut Pro friendly format, like MP4, as the output format. Or directly choose Final Cut Pro. The app has already optimized the video settings for FCP.

convert MTS to FCP, convert M2TS to Final Cut Pro

Note: If you just want to import certain segments of the MTS/M2TS clips for editing, you can trim the clip before conversion.


Start to convert MTS/M2TS clips to Final Cut Pro.

Click the Convert button to convert these recorded HD videos to FCP friendly formats on the Mac (Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard included). Just in a second, it is done. Then you can import these videos to Final Cut Pro.

This smart MTS to FCP Video Converter for Mac can automatically switch off the computer when the conversion is done, so you don't need to wait around during the conversion. iSkysoft MTS to FCP Video Converter for Mac does the video conversion like a charm and the output files will maximally preserve the quality of your original MTS/M2TS clips. Now you can import the output files to FCP to create your own masterpiece.

Darwil T
Great Software! It's worth for the money if you have HDCAM that outputs MTS video files and you like to use FCP.
Adam Cash
Hi sly, the converted files will be saved with the data/time according to your last modification. This is determined by your computer OS. Please kindly note.
does the converter keep the original date/time stamp?
Hi Laura, we are sorry to hear about that. For this case, would you please try below updated version to convert video file to FCP 7: http://www.iskysoft.com/user-guide/imedia-converter-deluxe-mac.html When process conversion, please select "ProRes" format as output which is perfectly compatible with FCP 7. And before importing converted file to FCP 7, please select NTSC in FCP 7 Preferences and set the Frame Rate as 30fps. It will work well.
I converted some files from MTS to MOV with iSkysoft but I am trying to import them to Final cut pro 7 and it is telling me that there is a File error. Can you please help me?
For this case, you can try to select "Final Cut Pro" as the output format. Before importing the converted file to FCP, go to Final Cut Pro Preference and set NTSC (30fps). It may work.
Help! I convert the MTS files to .MOV files for editing in Final Cut Pro X however it just keeps shutting down my final cut pro minutes after its loaded. I then tried to convert them using the final cut section in the converter which changed them to MP4 files and it still shuts down my final cut X
I have used several different output formats (.mov,.mp4, fcp) in the full version of this software for AVCHD .mts original files, but when I attempt to import the converted files to FCP X the program crashes every time. Please Help!
Buy the Full Software instead of using the limited Free Trial
But if you are going to convert the videos to other format like MP4 you will have compressed video as compare to the original which is uncompressed?
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