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Google Talk, also known as Gtalk, Gchat, Gmail Messenger, is a free communicating application. Since your iPad has a front camera, why not get a Gtalk with your friends on your iPad? Although you can have a video chat with your friends using FaceTime, but what if your friends don't have Macs, or iOS devices? Therefore, Google chat on iPad may be more helpful because most people have a Gmail account. No Gmail account. Register one and you're ready to make Google chat on iPad without any hassle.

Part 1. How to Use Google Chat on iPad

google chat ipad

You don't need any app to do this, and you just need the following things:

  • Google Account.
  • GV Connect. This is Google's strategy for the iPad, requiring to be opened via Safari only. Google Voice Client may have been the official iOS-native place, but GV Connect is actually a better choice for iPad users. The former is perfect for iPhone, but the latter is more suitable for iPad.
  • Talkatone. You also need Talkatone for the Google chat on iPad. It's an ads-sponsored Google chat app for app. As it is an iPhone app, you still can use it using the iPad-friendly GV Connect interface.

After getting these things ready, take the following steps:

  • Step 1. Configure Talktone and GV connect with your Google Voice account.
  • Step 2. Launch GV Connect, go to Settings, and enable the call using Talkatone under the Start Calls from setting to Google Talk. Next, tap on the tel handset icon to make a Google chat with anyone you like.
  • Step 3. Set the Call Forwarding to Google Talk under settings of GV Connect. Done. You can now successfully make Google chat on iPad whenever you want.

Part 2. Top 3 Google Chat Apps for iPad

The only thing you need do is to install a good Google chat application. Here are some:

1. Google Voice

google chat on ipad

Google Voice is a free Google chat app for iPad from Google Mobile. It enables you to make cellular calls and send and receive free text messages with your Google Voice number. However, it is only available in US now.

2. VTok

google video chat ipad

VTok, as a free app from Apple App Store, allows you to log into your Google accounts to chat via 3G or Wi-Fi. VTok is also able to have Google chat using either the front or rear camera of your new iPad. Furthermore, it even supports speaker or earpiece. This Google video chat app is loved by millions of iPad users.

3. Fring

google chat for ipad

This Google chat app not only enables you to make Google chat on iPad, but also make group calls to up to four friends at the same time. Similar to VTok and Fring, it is also a free iPad video chat application. Besides, Fring can also receive Google chats from others even it runs in the background.

Part 3. How to Perform Data Recovery for iPad

google video chat on ipad

iSkysoft iPad Data Recovery is a great recovery tool that can help you easily recover lost data or Deleted files from iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPad. This software is a cross-platform software that is fully compatible Mac OS X (including El Capitan) and Windows (including Windows 10). The main features include:

  • Recover photos, videos, notes, calendar and more files from iPad.
  • Recover data directly from iPad with 3 simple steps.
  • Recover or extract files from iTunes and iCloud backups for iPad.
  • All found lost iPad contents can be previewed before recovery.
  • Repair iOS system to make your devices work as normal.

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Rodolph Ammiel
I am also trying to figure out how to chat on my iPad and can''''t find the answer. I don''''t want to TALK... I want to text chat!
I mean text him
Miss tundalishis
I can''t my boyfriend on gmail becuase it can''t go on to chats I don''t like the I pad
ah, this sorted it, thanks for the tip!
No way to get Gtalk running on iPad properly. Man... Apple and the iPad just suck so badly... Soooo glad my iPad came giftwrapped, or else I'd have been kicking myself for buying this P.O.S. Think differently, think Apple, don't think so.
Google has a "Hangouts" app for iPad now. Hangouts is the new version of Google Chat. Problem solved!
For whatever reason, Google Plus does not have chat anymore? I got the free version of IM+ and am able to talk on google chat!
Hey thanks man. I appreciate the tip on google plus!
These important facts were omitted from the review: 1. Google Plus (free app) highly rated and used for voice and video chats. Arguably the best free app for Google video calls on the iPad since it is optimized for it. 2. GV Connect is a $2.99 app -- not free 3. VTok requires your mobile phone number to register now
New to this any tips?

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