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PDF documents are the new way to present any kind of professional document in the business circles. Apart from professional circuit, you can find its influence in the normal spheres also owning to their clean and clear look. The security options allow you to protect your PDF document in ways more than one like password protection and signature feature. But sometimes this security option can also pose a problem as you might not be able to access some files without their password. This is generally a problem as then the content can neither be read nor edited in any way until the password is removed. In this article, I will tell you how to remove password from PDF.

Part 1. The Guide for Removing Password from PDF

remove password from pdf

One of the most popular PDF password removers in the market is the iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac, which has features that can remove passwords from PDF document that have been secured with passwords. You can then also convert the file into various other formats and edit it using the numerous features available. There are features that allow you to add bookmarks, annotations, delete pages or add pages and save it on your computer.

You need to follow two steps to edit a protected PDF file. Firstly you need to get rid of the password restriction which the software does by converting your file into Word format so that the whole file is now free of any kind of passwords. Let's get started.

What You Will Need:

A Computer;
iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac

Time Required:

Around 1 min



Step 1. Import Password Protected PDF

After installing the software, first import the protected PDF document you want to unlock by clicking on the "Convert PDF" option. Browse the various files and select the PDF file you want. Click on "Open" to import it to the software application. If you want you can add multiple files to the software but it might slow the process.

Step 2. Convert PDF to Remove Password

Once the required files have been imported to the software application, click on "Convert" to start the conversion process from PDF to Word. As soon as the conversion process starts you have also started the decrypting process i.e. the removal of any or all passwords from the protected PDF document because by converting it into Word you can now easily open, read and edit the document.

Part 2. The Guide for Removing Password from a PDF on Windows

pdf remove password

The same kind of problem is faced by Windows users also and ironically the solution is also the same – iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows. The software does almost the same thing like the one for Mac OS but it also possesses other features that make it distinct software in the market.

iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows allows its users to convert multiple files without hampering the speed. Another great feature of this app is the inbuilt OCR technology which allows you to edit scanned PDF documents. Though this software works just like the one for Mac OS but the process is entirely different.

What You Will Need:

A Computer;
iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows

Time Required:

Around 1 min



Step 1. Import PDF Files

Launch the program. To import files, click on "Open" and then browse the files and choose the one you wish to decrypt. If the PDF asks for open password and closed edit permission then input the password and edit in the software without converting the file.

Step 2. Start Removing Password

On the "Home" tab of the application choose the format in which you want to convert the protected PDF file. You will then be prompted to select the destination where the file needs to be saved and then click "Start" to begin the conversion. Converting the file also simultaneously decrypts it i.e. as soon as your PDF file is converted the software removes all kinds of passwords.

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Great way and I love it, I have recommended this tool to every PDF file user. I have share another good tool like Kernel for PDF restriction removal tool to perform unlock PDF whole restrictions task with power full scanning modes and remover any type of protection from PDF documents.
Sohail hussian
I really appreciate that you make things easier with the steps you describe on this post, I was able to install this following your steps and the video very easily. The program makes it really easy to remove a password from a PDF, it exceeded my expectations.
I have followed your instruction to complete removing the password from my PDF document. Now I can use the PDF document without any restriction, and I can do some modification by converting it to other file format such as Word Document.
Now, I have just downloaded your PDF Converter Pro which acts as a PDF Password Remover, and then installed it to my local computer. It works well for me. Also, the software that you suggest can convert a PDF file to various document file format such as .pptx, .docx, .xlsx, .epub, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .rtf, etc.
A few days ago, I downloaded a PDF file online, but it was fully encrypted with the password, so I can’t open and read it.Then I searched and searched again, and finally I find your tutorial on your website, and there is the detailed information telling me how to do it.
This is an easy step-by-step guide for removing password from a PDF file. Thank you for your great sharing. I love it, great recommendation!

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