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How to Erase Deleted Files on Your Device

Step 1. If you want to permanently erase deleted files from your iPhone or Android, click the "Erase Deleted Files" option. And the program will begin analyzing and scanning your device data.

launch data eraser

It will take a few seconds to scan the data. And you can stop the process if needed.

scan phone data

Step 2. When the scanning is finished, you will see all the deleted files. Check the deleted data that you want to erase. And click the "Erase Now" button.

check scanned data

Step 3. You will get a warning window telling you to type "delete" to confirm erasing. Enter the "delete" and click "Erase Now" to start erasing.

erase deleted data

After the erasing is completed, you will get a confirmation window. And you can click "Home" to go back to the main interface and do other actions.