Is MacKeeper Safe? Is There Any Great Alternative?

Is MacKeeper Safe? Is There Any Great Alternative?

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By Ivan Cook | Mar 03,2018 17:34 pm

Do you know what's MacKeeper? As a system utility toolkit for Mac, Mac users can use Mackeeeper to clean data, unistall programs, internet secure, recover files, backup file, ect. But many users have encountered Mackeeper security issues, in this article, we will fouce on the troubleshooting on safety issue of MacKeeper and provide you some top MacKeeper alternatives.

Part 1. Is MacKeeper Safe for Your Mac?

No need to say, MacKeeper got a bad reputation. Tons of users complaint MacKeeper on the internet and tell people stay away from it. The following list gives the reasons why MacKeeper is not welcome:

  • Keep advertising even you have purchased it.
  • Hard if not impossible to remove it from your Mac.
  • Installs hidden files in your system.
  • Slow down your computer.

See MacKeeper comments on the famous forum for Mac users:

Also see the post "Is MacKeeper safe to use" on Apple Community

Part 2. Safer Applications Alternative to MacKeeper on Mac

Anyway, you can test MacKeeper yourself. All comments and suggestions here are just for your reference. But if you like, you can use the following alternatives for MacKeeper. They may be not as powerful as MacKeeper, but they do the best in some aspect.

No. Name Information
1 Anti-Virus Anti-Virus is usually not necessary on Mac. However, if you do want anti-virus software, you can try Avast! Free Antivirus for Mac.
2 File Recovery Always backup your files so you don't need to recover lost files when a data loss occurs. If you do need to recover deleted files, it's a good idea to use a product that is specialized in data recovery. One such option is iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac.
This program can help you recover photos, videos, audio files, documents and more with 3 simple steps. It supports recovering hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, camera and many other storage devices. Moreover, Data Recovery for Mac is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or later, including Yosemite, El Capitan, macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra.
3 Encryption You can encrypt documents without spending any money. Just use the Mac's built-in FileVault technology. Here is a detailed tutorial.
4 File Backup Use Time Machine. Every Mac since Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) has included Time Machine. With it, you can automatically backs up your files on Mac, including applications, accounts, preferences, email messages, songs, photos, movies, and documents.
5 Cleanupc Most Mac users think Macs don't need cleaning. Cleaning your Mac is only necessary when your hard drive is running out of space or you are having cache-related problems. If not, just let it be. If you insist, you can use free software like Onyx or commercial software like CleanMyMac.
6 Duplicates Finder dupeGuru is a free and easy duplicate finder. Make a donation if you like it or just use it without spending a penny.
7 Wise Uninstaller Most applications provide their own uninstallers. Just move an application to Trash to remove them. Seldom uninstallers on the market can remove all the traces. They almost always leave bits behind. If you really want such an uninstaller, try AppZapper ($12.95).

So is MacKeeper safe to use or not? We can't give a verdict. Just try it yourself. If you install it but find it hard to uninstall, see how to uninstall MacKeeper here

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