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Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Videos after Emptied Trash on Mac?

If you use Mac, it is possible that you have come across some challenges in retrieving files especially when you accidentally deleted your high quality photos or videos and emptied trash. How to do if your deleted videos are in your external storage device, like camcorder, mobile phones, or external hard disk drive, etc? Face this issue, you do not have to worry anymore as you can probably restore deleted videos on Mac easily.

1 How to Recover Formatted SD Card on Mac

recover deleted videos on mac

In fact iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac can help you recover lost or deleted videos from any Mac, external hard drive or USB flash drive, external hard drive, SD memory card, camcorder/camera, mobile phone, and MP3/MP4 player on Mac, just connect your device to your Mac, download software and run the program, the drive of the device will appear on the program drive list automatically.

mac video recovery

2 How to Recover Deleted Video on Mac with iSkysoft

With iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac software, you're able to easily recover deleted videos on Mac. First download and install this video recovery application and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select a video recovery mode

Open iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac from the Applications folder. In the window that opens, select "Lost Data Recovery". This file recovery mode can recover deleted video files quickly. This video recovery software also comes with other recovery modes like Raw Data Recovery and Partition Recovery modes for a deeper scan or formatted drive. To restore deleted videos from an external device, first connect it to your Mac and then start iSkysoft video recovery for Mac application.

Step 2: Choose a drive and scan deleted videos only

Choose the drive you want to recover files from and click "Scan" on top to start scanning deleted but existing files on the selected drive.

Both Lost Data Recovery and Raw Data Recovery modes enable you to only scan deleted video files.

Step 3: Recover deleted videos on Mac

In a while, all deleted video files will be scanned and displayed in the bottom list. Through the video file names, you may know whether the found video files are what you want.

To recover the deleted videos, check the boxes of all videos you want and click the "Recover" button on top. In the resulting window, specify a folder and click "OK" to start retrieving deleted videos on your Mac.

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Video Tutorial of Deleted Video Recovery on Mac

3 Tips about Video Recovery on Mac

video recovery mac

When videos are deleted, formatted or corrupted, they'll be marked as inaccessible data and stored inside the drive. But if they're overwritten by new data, they'll be totally removed and unable to be restored. This is why you have chance to recover lost videos from Mac. To increase the possibly of recovery, you'd better stop using the drive as quickly as you can.

Besides, you're highly recommended to keep a backup of those precious data like videos, document and photos on other device to greatly avoid data loss.

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I have always just deleted files that could not be opened, so when I got my project details from my boss, and I deleted it, he was not happy. Needless to say, this video recovery software saved my boss a nightmare, and me a lot of apologies. Highly recommend this software.
iSkysoft Data Recovery is an ideal video recovery and more than that <3
There are other Video Recovery Tools are available to do video recovery.

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