Top 10 Tools to Recover Corrupt Word Document

Top 10 Tools to Recover Corrupt Word Document

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By Ivan Cook | Dec 07,2017 13:39 pm

A corrupt Word document can mean a lot of problems for the person working on it. This is especially true when the document you were working in is large and hence carries a lot of data. Most problematic, is when you have no idea what is causing the corruption or what you can do to fix it. while there are very many troubleshooting actions you can take to try and fix the problem, most of them are less than effective. One of the nest ways to get your data back is to use a data recovery program. There are some that are designed to work specifically to recover corrupt Word Document and in this article we are going to take a look at 10 of the best. This way, you can easily choose which one works best for you in your situation. Let's begin with the top software to recover your Corrupted Word Document.

Part 1: Top 8 Tools to Recover Corrupt Word Document

1# iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac

iskysoft data recovery

By far one of the best data recovery programs to use when you want to easily recover a corrupt Word Document is iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac (or iSkysoft Data Recovery for Windows). One of the main reasons why it is so good is in the way the program easily combines simplicity and efficiency into one highly effective data recovery tool. With this tool, you can easily recover aby type of data regardless of how the data got lost in the first place.

Why Choose This Corrupted Word Document Recovery Software:

● Despite its high capability and numerous features, the software is very easy to use and with a user-friendly interface that makes it the ideal program to use even for a complete beginner.
● The program can be used to recover most other types of documents. You can use it to recover other types of data including photos, videos, emails and many more, making it an ideal investment in any situation.
● None of the other data on your computer will be at risk. The program utilizes a read-only process so nothing on your drive will change.
● You can use it to recover data that has been lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus infection, unexpected power outages, improper operations and even a software crash.

Step-By-Step Guide to Recover Corrupt Word Document

Step 1. Like we've already seen, this program is very easy to use. Begin by downloading and installing iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac to your Mac. Be sure to install the program in a different drive to avoid overwriting the data you want to recover. Launch the program on your Mac and you should see the file types in the window. Now please select the data types that you want to recover. Then click "Next".

open the program

Step 2.Choose a drive and then click on "Start" to begin the scanning process. If you don't see the partition in the list, try clicking on the refresh icon. The program now will start scanning the files for you.

choose recovery mode

Step 3. When the scan is complete, all of the available files will be displayed in the next window. Now all you have to do is select the missing or corrupt Word document from the list and then click "Recover". Remember to save the recovered document. It may even be a good idea to save the document on a different drive altogether, an external drive is much more advantageous.

recover corrupt word document

But what if your wanted lost data are not found in this scanning process? Don't worry! You are alllowed to do the "Deep Scan" process, which will scan deep and widely into your selected drive and find more files for you.

recover corrupt word document

2# Repair My Word

repair my word

Repair my Word is a free Word Document recovery program that helps users recover corrupt Word Documents. It primarily works by recovering the text from aa damaged document or one that will not open normally. It is very useful in bypassing some of the common problems that can cause problems with Word Documents.

● It is completely free to use
● It can be used to recover Word documents even if you can't open the file

● The user interface is not very pleasing
● It will not work for .docx files
● Can only be used to recover text. Cannot recover graphics and images

3# Recovery for Word

recovery for word

This is another data recovery program that can help you recover data from a corrupt Word Document. It supports all versions of Microsoft word including Word 2010 and can be used to recover text as well as images and graphics from a document. The program also only analyzes the data and doesn't alter the data in any way during recovery. The original document remains the same including all of the formatting that was applied to the original document.

● It is free and very easy to use
● It can be used to recover pictures and graphics from a Word Document
● The tool retains the formatting of the original document

● It is not compatible with Word 2016
● Corrupted Documents on a Mac can only be partially recovered

4# DocRepair


This is a program that supports the recovery of corrupted Word Documents. Its greatest asset is that it can be used to resolve a number of different problems with Word Documents including a document that fails to open one that has failed due to a number or reasons such as a damaged disk, media failure or bad sectors.

● It is easy to use and comes with a pleasing user interface
● Can be used on both Mac and Windows with effective results

● It is not compatible with Word 2016

5# Kernel for Word

kernel for word

This is one of the most reliable Word recovery programs in the business. As a result, it is the first choice for many who particularly applaud the easy to use interface and the fact that the corrupt file is recovered with its formatting intact. Despite the fact that the program is a paid tool the trial version can be used for evaluation without any time limitations or even number of documents recovered but the documents will have "Demo" stamped on them after each paragraph.

● It is highly effective in the recovery of corrupt Word Documents and comes highly recommended by those who have used it
● The recovered document retains the formatting and even the layout after recovery

● Although it can work with .docx files, it is yet to become compatible with Word 2016

6# WordFIX


If you are looking for a data recovery program that will work fast to recover your corrupt Word Document, WordFIX may be the right choice for you. Not only is the program very fast when it comes to data recovery, but also ensures that the formatting and the layout remain intact. It is also completely capable of recovering any graphics on the document including tables and charts.

● It is a fast and efficient alternative
● It is compatible with all versions of Word including Word 2016
● The recovered document retains the original formatting including graphics

● It is not very fast in recovering.

7# RecoveryFix for Word

recoveryfix for word

This is another Word Document recovery program that is available for purchase online. It is a great tool to help you easily recover corrupted Word documents with the formatting and layout intact. It is compatible with all versions of Word except Word 2016 and there is a trial version that one can use to test drive the program before purchasing the full version.

● It is highly effective, recovering Word Documents with their formatting and layout
● It comes with an easy to use interface, excellent support and tutorials

● It is not compatible with Word 2016

8# File Repair

file repair

This one is a data repair tool that can be used to recover all types of files not just Word Documents. You can use to recover spreadsheets, videos and even compressed files. This versatility makes it one of the most sought after data recovery programs in the market. All files that are recovered using this program will retain their formatting and layout and it can be used to recover documents lost under any circumstances.

● It can be used to recover more than just Word Documents
● Can recover files of all sizes even those deemed too large by other data recovery programs

● It is not compatible with Windows 10 or Word 2016
● The Mac version can be a little buggy, failing to recover certain aspects of the Word Document

Part 2: Top 2 Online Tools to Recover Corrupt Word Document

If you would rather not use Software, you have the option of using online solutions. The following are the top 2 online tools to recover Word Documents.

1# Online File Repair

online file repair

Here, you would just need to upload the corrupt document and the program will analyze the file and then repair it. because it is an online solution, the service works very fast, allowing you to fix the word document in just a few minutes. It is compatible with all Word documents including Word 2016 and retains the formatting of the original document.

● There is no need to download software. All you have to do is upload the corrupt file
● Recovery is very fast and the formatting is maintained
● It is compatible with Word 2016

● You need an internet connection to use it

2# Repair Word Document Online

repair word docuemnt online

This is another Online Word Document recovery tool that is also fast to use and highly reliable. All you have to do is upload the corrupted file and the program begins to repair it immediately. It is compatible with all versions of Word except Word 2016 and can be used to recover even images and graphics.

● It is highly functional and very effective
● The recovered document retains the original formatting and layout
● Can recover graphics and images

● It is not compatible with Word 2016
● It can't be used to repair large files
● You have to pay to download the repaired file

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