[Fixed] How to Recover Files from Unallocated Partitions?

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When you connect a new hard drive to the computer for primary data storage, the drive shows unallocated space before partitions are created on it. However, there is a probability that the drive you have connected has specified partitions with data already uploaded. This is nothing less than a disaster when the data on drive partition becomes corrupted and you have no access to it. In these specific cases, you always think of recover files from unallocated partitions, right? OK, just read this complete article and get all the relevant information you need to recover data from unallocated space.

What is An Unallocated Partition?

The unallocated partition on a hard drive is the logical space that is taken in use by Windows when it requires writing files on. It could be simply called the secondary operating space for the operating system.

The computer has a single physical hard drive that may have multiple partitions. Partitions are categorized on how the data is divided conceptually. In our computers, there is a recovery partition on the D drive that is used to store the content of drive C despite the separate drive label. The partitions are categorized on the segments represented by the allocated space.

All the physical space on the hard drive that is not in use by any partition, this space is considered as unallocated by the computer. No data can be written on this space and this space is not available on the operating system. In order to utilize the vacant space, you need to create a partition or expand the size of an existing partition.

Expanding and creating a partition

The partitions on the computer are created during the installation of the operating system. During the window installation, the installer asks to divide the drive into partitions and space for allocation. The unallocated space is now in your hands if you would make the complete drive allocated with a proper amount by selecting the proper size and not leaving a single Gigabyte behind. The system would automatically convert it into an unallocated device.

If you have not used a space and installed the operating system, still you can make use of that unallocated space. You need to click on Disk management in control panel and it would show the unallocated space. Right click on the space and select New Simple Volume. Now, this unallocated space would be converted into a new partition for further use.

In case of expanding the partitions, you need to follow the same procedure Control panel > Disk Management > Right click > select the different option that is Extend volume to extend the unallocated space and merge it into the existing drive partitions.

When Hard Drive Shows Unallocated?

During the Window installation, you have options on how you can utilize the hard drive you have attached with the computer. You can either make a single partition or create several based on the capacity of the drive. Sometimes, you have selected 90% of the space and created the partition but at certain times you are left with a second space that is not taken into use. This space that is not allocated automatically gets converted into unallocated space after the windows installation. There are several other ways how an allocated space gets converted into unallocated automatically.

For example, let's suppose a file is saved to a specific location on the hard drive, the operating system has written the files to that certain space. This part is known as allocated space and no other files can be stored there. If the files in this part are deleted, the space occupied is no longer allocated and it becomes unallocated. Now, some new files can be stored to that location again.

To make the best use of your hard drive, there are certain measures that you should opt for while creating the partitions. The selection of partitions and usage area depends entirely on your data. If you have an entrepreneurship firm, you can create one or two partitions with different folders. In case you are using it for personal purpose, it would be better to make two to three partitions depending on your use. Making the best use of your drives is essential to avoid any data loss.

How to Recover Files from Unallocated Partitions?

Recoverit (IS) is a highly recognized program that is most commonly used in all kind of data recoveries. The best part of this program is the interface it possesses - all the requirements are fulfilled on a single Window and you can get your lost data scanned and recovered in just a few clicks.

unallocated partition recovery

Recoverit (IS)

  • Recover all types of files from various disks, including computer disks, external drives, SSD, memory cards, etc.
  • 8 different recovery modes allow you to locate your data loss situations and get lost data back within few simple clicks.
  • Preview scanning results before perform a recovery as you like.
  • Easy to use and 100% security guarantee.
  • ...

Steps on Recovering Files from Unallocated Partition Mac or PC

Step 1. Once the program is installed on the computer, you may now select the launch option and open the main window of the program. Here, you can directly run "All-Around Recovery" mode or click home icon back to the main screen.

Step 2. Select the "Lost Partition Recovery" option to recover all the data from the unallocated partition. It would retrieve the hidden, deleted or inaccessible data from the partition.

select a recovery mode

Step 3. Now, you would opt to select the partition you want to recover. Tap on the partition and click on "Start" option to start scanning.

select a disk

Step 4. The process would take some time depending on size of partition. After the scan is done, all the data files and folders would be shown on the main window for a preview. You can now select all the data precisely and if you need the previewed data click on "Recover" and it would get back all the data for you.

preview and recover

Write in the end

If you have encountered with data loss on your drives or other devices, iSkysoft has a unique quality that no one can beat. We provide you the best service at your fingertips in simple clicks. The program we built is to earn the trust of our community that is going through a great technical transition.

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