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Is it possible to save voicemails from your iPhone to Mac/PC? Well, the answer is yes! This is true to the fact that you can extract your iPhone voicemails to your Mac computer or any other PC and save them there. What makes this possible is the help of iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery software that allows you to transfer data from your iPhone and save them on your computer. You can extract your voicemails directly from your iPhone, from iCloud backup and from iTunes backup. This article shows us how to do it.

Best Solution to Save iPhone Voicemails to Windows PC or Mac

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful tool that allows you to recover lost data from your iPhone and also extract existing data from your iPhone and you can save them on your PC. It allows you recover and extract a wide range of data such as voicemails, notes, videos and more. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system.

how to save voicemails from iphone

Key Features of iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery

  • It restores data lost due to various reasons including an iPhone upgrade, damage or lose of an iPhone and accidentally deleting files from your iPhone.
  • It allows you to preview files before you can save or extract them.
  • It supports recovery of many file types such as photos, call history, bookmarks, videos, voicemails, messages and more.
  • It saves data with 3 modes, which are; save from iOS Device, save from iTunes backup and save from iCloud backup.
  • Has a quick scan feature, which allows you to search for files you may want to save from your iPhone.
  • It supports recovery of data from any iPhone device such as iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5 iPod touch 4, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display and more.

Part 1: How to Save Voicemail Directly from iPhone SE/6s(Plus)/6(Plus)/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS

Step 1. Connect your iPhone with computer

Run the program on your computer and connect your iPhone. Use a USB cable to fix your iPhone to the computer. After the program detects your iPhone, click on “Recover from iOS Device” option.

how to save voicemail from iphone

Step 2. Choose files and scan

Next Click on “Start Scan” button to search your iPhone for files to recover. The scanning will begin immediately.

save voicemails from iphone

Step 3. Check through the data and save

After scanning is over, the files that can be recovered are shown according to file types. From messages and call log tab, select “Voicemails”. Pick on the files you want then click on “Recover” button to save them on your Mac computer or any PC.

saving voicemail from iphone

Part 2: How to Save Voicemails to PC from iTunes Backup

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery allows you to save your iphone voicemails to your PC with "Recover from iTunes backup File".

Step 1. Select recover from iTunes backup mode

Once the program is opened, choose “Recover from iTunes Backup File” tab to extract backup files in your iTunes.

saving iphone voicemail

Step 2. Select files and scan

After, the program displays recoverable iTunes backup, pick on the one you need and click on “Start Scan” button to extract it.

saving iphone voicemails

Step 3. Preview files and save

Once scanning is complete, all the files found are displayed in organized categories, from messages and call log category. Click on “Voicemails” then check through the files you want to save. Thereafter, click on “Recover” button at the bottom right corner of the program to save them on your Mac computer or PC.

save iphone voicemail to pc

Part 3: How to Save iPhone Voicemails to Mac from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Select recover from iCloud backup mode

Once the program is running, select “Recover from iCloud Backup File” tab on the program window. The program will then prompt you to login to your iCloud account. Thereafter, log in by entering your iCloud account and correct password to download the backup file.

save iphone voicemail to mac

Step 2. Download and scan your iCloud backup file

After logging in, the program displays backup files in your iCloud account. Select the one you want to download and from the state column tap on “Download” button.

save voicemail iphone

After downloading is over, click on “Scan Downloaded" button to extract the files you have downloaded so you can check them and access.

save iphone voicemail

Step 3. Check through and recover

When scanning process is done, you can preview the data in the backup file organized in categories. From messages and call log category, pick on voicemails and select the files you want to save. Thereafter click on “Recover” button at the bottom of the program to save them on your Mac or computer. This program is effective and allows you to quickly save your iPhone voicemails and other files on your computer.

how to save iphone voicemails

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