What is Windows PE and How Does It Work?

Ivan Cook updated on 2020-12-21 18:06:06

Windows Preinstallation environment popularly known as WinPE refers to a lightweight version of windows used for the deployment of PCs, workstation, and servers or troubleshooting operating systems while offline. WinPE has gone through various updates to make it ideal for the needs of the current market and consumers. If you have never worked with Windows Preinstallation environment before, don't worry, this article will show you what is WinPE exactly and how it works in details.

What is Windows PE?

Windows PE for Windows 10 refers to a small Is that's used for installing, deploying as well as repairing Windows 10 for many desktop versions(Home, enterprise, Pro and Education). windows server 2016 as well as other Windows OS. Using Windows PE, you can perform  the following operations:

- Setting up hard drive before installing Windows.

- Install Windows by use of scripts or apps from a local drive or a network.

- Capturing and applying Windows images.

- Modifying the operating system when it stops running.

- Setting up automated recovery tools.

- Recovering data from unbootable gadgets

- Adding your own custom shell or even GUI for automating these types of tasks.

Win PE Supports Diverse Windows Features

Windows PE usually operates the Windows command one environment and supports the following window features:

1. Batch scripts&files including supporting Windows Script Host (WSH), ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) & Support for powershell(optional).

2. Apps including Win32 App programming interfaces (APIs)& supporting HTML Apps(optional) .

3. Drivers which includes a set of drivers(generic) which can operate graphics, networking as well as mass storage gadgets.

4. Capturing images & servicing. This includes Deployment Image Servicing& Management(DISM).

5. Networking includes connecting to the file servers by use of file servers by use of TCP/IP as well as NetBIOS over IP/TCP through LAN.

6. Storage, Diskpart, NTFS as well as BCDBoot.

7. Security gadgets including optional support for bit locker as well as Trusted Platform Module(TPM), tools and secure boot.

8. Hyper-v, mouse integration, VHD files, network drivers allowing the Windows PE to operate in a hypervisor.

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WinPE Hardware Requirement

It is good to note that windows PE has the same requirements as a normal windows OS but with a few exceptions:

1. It requires no hard drive. You can operate Windows PE solely from memory.

2. The base version needs a memory of only 512MB. (In case you need to add packages, drivers or Apps, you'll require more space)

3. So that you can boot Win PE straight from memory (also called RAM disk boot), an adjacem portion of physical memory (RAM) that can accommodate Win PE image has to be available. It optimizes use of memory. Manufacturers have to ensure that heir firmware spares memory location either at the start or the end of the memory of the address space.

How Windows PE Works?

Generally speaking, Windows PE is running in a professional order, and that is a little bit complicated for almost all readers on this post, especially when you have no technical skills about Windows sytem before. So here, we don't want to spend too much time to explain how the Windows PE works in the professional way but to show you how does the Windows PE help you to recover data from a unbootable system easily.

To reach it, you don't need to create a WinPE by yourself, just find a data recovery software that comes with the Windows PE as your assistant. That's why Recoverit (IS) or Recoverit (IS) for Mac is recommended here. This program have a great upgrade in recent days, and the new version allows users to create bootable media file with the built-in Windows PE for recovering data from a failed system. What's more, it requires no professional skills of Windows PE or any Windows system. The whole process can be done by following the onscreen simple instructions. Cool, right?

Now, let's have a look on the main features of this powerful Windows PE Data Recovery software.

Recoverit (IS)

  • Comes with WinPE and helps users to creat bootable media for recovering data like videos, photos, music, documents, etc. from an unbootable system within few simple clicks.
  • Works well as a professional Windows Data Recovery software, which can deals with almost all kinds of data lost issues, and provides users with 8 different recovery modes to get back lost data exactly.
  • Preview files in the program directly to locate your target files.
  • High success rate and easy to use.


With the Windows PE, you can do lots of things to any types of Windows system. And the Windows PE Recovery software allows you to recover data from unbootable devices within few clicks. You can click the above button to download, install and launch this prominent program on your computer, then follow the guide to learn how to recover data after system crash or unbootable.

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