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PDF is the preferred file format used for documents that we use daily. As a result, it is one of the most wildly used or popular formats around today. The only thing is that this format is different from the Microsoft Office ones, so it is not so easy for you to edit original contents or add text to the PDF files. But, you have nothing to worry about if you want to add text to PDF or even edit original content or insert new images because there are many tools designed with functions to carry out these tasks. This article aims to explain and give a step by step guide for inserting images into PDF document files.

Part 1. How to Insert Text in PDF on Mac (El Capitan Included)

insert text into pdf

Since the number of people who are searching for different options to configure PDF files by inserting text has jumped off the scale, the iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac has been launched in order to help to making these usual tasks more available to editing. With this tool, adding texts in PDF and replacing pictures or images is a piece of cake while not having to be afraid of losing the first layout.

iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac allows making any adjustments that are needed. Not only it allows editing the text, but also it allows adding marks up and annotation to PDF file. You can also compress PDF, protect your document, insert bookmark and more.

The article gives a step by step guide to using the iSkysoft PDF Editor program to insert text into PDF document files listed down below.

Step 1. Open Your PDF Files

Download and install iSkysoft PDF Editor. Click the "Open File" button to load the PDF file in the program. When the file has been completed loaded, you can then edit it as you wish.

Step 2. Start Adding Text to PDF Files

Click on the "Tools" Tab. Then on "Add Text". Or click the button "Add Text", which can be found in the Toolbar. Select the space where text adding is needed.

You will notice that when you add text, it is in block format. You can add one word or whole pages located within that block area. After you have added the text you want to your PDF file format, you will need to save your work before closing or all corrections will be lost.

Part 2. How to Insert Text to PDF on Windows (Windows 10 Included)

insert text in pdf

iSkysoft PDF Editor is also designed for computers that use the Windows operating system. iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows enables the editing of PDF documents in Windows in a way that is similar to what you do when using MS Word. You can access all the editing tools easily to add text and more.

Whether you are an individual, business owner or the head of an educational or government agency, there will be instances when you may have to read, view, annotate, sign, create or do other things with your PDF documents and forms. This PDF Editor comes with many features for you to do all these things and more, actually providing a comprehensive PDF solution for any computer system.

Inserting text to your PDF file on Windows PC is also simple. Follow the guide below to edit your file without hassle.

Step 1. Add PDF File to the Program

After installing the PDF Editor to your computer, click to launch the program, load the PDF file that you want to add text by clicking on the "Open" button.

Step 2. Start Adding Text to PDF

Click the "Edit" tab to select the "Add Text" option on the toolbar. Then you need to click the blank section on the page where you want to add the text. You are able to add/insert sentences and words in the PDF content.

Note that you can modify or make adjustments to the document if necessary. If you want, you could adjust the font color and size after adding texts in PDF.

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Hello, Really useful article for adding a text into the pdf. It is something is editing the pdf file for adding more text. thanks iskysoft.
Great article..I used to wonder if i can add text to a pdf..But this post made it simpl..After using the software and following the tips here which are laid out simple and intuitively, and are extremely easy. Filling out PDF forms on-line doesn't get any easier than this! Recommended to all who want to Create/Edit/and save in the popular PDF format.
Cheryl S.
Adding texts in PDF file on a Mac is very simple and easy to do. I must say that within a matter of minutes after reading this guide, I did it. Yes me who is not all that savvy with computers. I am impressed with myself for doing it.

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