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Mac users always feel frustrated that it is not easy to edit PDf files or documents on their Mac. Though PDF format do not allow Mac users to make changes or add updated on PDF, you can get help from free PDF editor Mac tools to modify your files. Search from the Internet, you can even edit PDF on the new Mac OS X El Capitan with PDF editor for macOS Sierra.

Here we pick up top 6 free PDF Editor for Mac that you can use to edit, convert and do any changes on PDF documents. You can choose any one to personalize and edit your PDF files, but iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac (10.12 included) definitely should be the No. 1 Mac PDF tool to consider.

1 iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac

When you look at the PDF editor for Mac (OS X 10.12 macOS Sierra and El Capitan), the iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac stands tall as one of the most popular and competitive programs ever. This is the reason why the free Mac PDF Editor is only available for use within a specific time period. With this tool, you are able to edit, add, modify and delete texts, graphics and images in PDF format. Besides that, you could also convert your PDF files to Word, Excel, EPUB, Images and more formats conveniently as well as annotate and mark all the screen content with its variety of tools. Most of all, iSkysoft PDF Editor allows you to fill out your existing PDF forms on Mac OS X (Yosemite/El Capitan). With the advanced OCR feature, you can edit and convert scanned PDF with ease. Here you will get all solutions to edit PDF files on Mac (EL Capitan included).

iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac

2 Skim

This software is a free PDF annotation and reader for Mac that will allow you to make a number of changes digitally. It can do task such as highlighting, underlining, adding sticky notes as for better viewing of PDFs.


3 Foxit Reader for Mac

This is a reliable PDF Editor for Mac free download. You can use it to add comments to PDF files, add multimedia levels, secure text and run JavaScript for PDF document.

Foxit Reader for mac

4 Scribus for Mac

With user-friendly buttons and features, Scribus is also a great tool open source PDF editor for Mac to consider because it is simple to use. You can use it to edit the PDFs as you want as well as to highlight whatever texts you need for more emphasis.

Scribus for mac

5 PDF-X Change for Mac

This PDF Editor for Mac freeware is reliable and fast tool with an extensive list of user-friendly features. It will also allow you to personalize your pages with sticky notes inserted for side comments, add images and remove texts. In addition, it has an easy-to-use interface that you can use to customize your documents to suit your needs.

PDF-X Change for mac

6 Preview

Preview is a Mac application not just for image editing and viewing, but also for PDF editing on Mac. You can use Preview to view PDF and do some simple modifications on your PDF document including highlight, annotate, and mark up PDFs in several ways.

preview for mac

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Don't say is free when it isn't. This is all meant to spam google searches with crappy results for a product is not even worth getting.
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Sorry man, I know you are angry. I'm sure you have a high EQ. XD (FYI, my IQ is pretty high - around 130. Your comment actually didn't make sense. ;-) An ad doesn't necessarily have to lie.)
Does anyone know if this software will work in Belize. I've tried to purchase and my payment won't go through.
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PDF Editor for Mac

This summer as I cleaned out my files I decided to scan many documents instead of keeping print copies. I also took time to go through some of t...

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PDF Converter for Mac

Now I can take any scanned PDFs, including client invoices, etc. and export them to excel, where I can manipulate the data at a click. Thanks!

- Mtu

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