Things we can do for our mothers:

1. Talk with her as much as possible

2. Tell her "I love you"

3. Cook a meal for her

4. Spend a whole day with her and leave the work alone

emergency card

5. Remember her birthday: buy her a bouquet of carnations and celebrate her birthday together

6. Pay attention to her health frequent: bring her to hospital to make a health check

Things we can do for our mothers:

1. A reflexology to relax her feet

2. A fancy cook machine or coffee machine

3. Beautiful jewelry

4. A new bag

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Filmora video editor
mothers day gift

DIY Mother's Day Gift Video with Free Filmora Video Editor

After getting registration code of Filmora Video Editor and downloading the program, you can make your own video for your mother now.

Step 1: Load the program and import your videos

Step 2: Customize your videos by adding transition or intro/credit screens. Edit your videos with functions like trim, crop, rotate, voice over, video effect, etc.

Step 3: Preview the finished video and output it as a gift for your Mum.

diy mothers day gift

Burn Your Mother's Day Video to DVD with DVD Creator

Get DVD Creator and create a video DVD gift for your mother now!

Step 1: Launch DVD Creator and import videos.

Step 2: Edit videos before burning to DVD (optional).

Step 3: Start buring videos to VD Disc, ISO file, DVD Folder (Video_TS) and DVDMedia file.