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FilmoraPro Video Editor

Create Video stories with professional video editing tools.

New Features

V 1.6

Lock Tracks

Easily lock and unlock tracks, to prevent accidental selection and editing of tracks.

Sony Look Profile

Fix support of LUT packs for Sony cameras. User can find more 3D LUTs.

Screen Recorder

Provides users a new Screen Recorder with webcam support (Windows Only).

Zoom Levels

More options of zoom levels are available here for viewer and trimmer.

V 1.6.0

December 24, 2019

- New Screen Recorder with webcam support (Windows only)
- New "U" keyboard shortcut to highlight keyframed and modified parameters
- Fixed: keyboard shortcut to jump forward 10 frames
- Fixed: importing OBS recorded media
- Fixed: importing .m4a audio

- New Auto Stabilizer effect to smooth out shaky camera motion
- New Chromatic Aberration effect for creating glitch effects
- New Animation Behaviors to easily animate text and media
- Some effects can now be dragged into the Viewer panel for fast, precise placement

- Many new character parameters
- New support for multiple outlines
- Improved baseline handling for creative typography
- Improved Asian font support

- Export button can now start exporting instead of only adding project to queue
- Exporting is now up to 25% faster on PCs with Intel or NVIDIA graphics
- New Export panel so you can edit and monitor export queue
- Cineform export presets added for very high quality videos at reasonable filesizes

- Improved panel and container management
- Tutorials now available in all supported languages
- Pasting attributes to a group no longer duplicates the attributes on the original clip
- Masks now have different colors for easier management

V 1.5.0

September 23, 2019

1. Apply effects and transitions to all audio and video tracks. Work freely with no limits.
2. Mark in and out points to select the best segments of your shots. You can also use them to export just part of your timeline.
3. Apply color labels to organize clips in complex projects and make group edits quickly.
4. Create more sophisticated transitions with J and L cuts.
5. Fade your project's audio up or down at the clip, track, or master level.
6. Powerful noise reduction algorithm analyses the audio in a clip and suppresses unwanted background sounds, like hum or wind.
7. Access a library of quality visual effects including lens flares, distortions, and motion blurs to give your projects a cinematic feel.
8. Customize your workspace to suit your project and your editing style. You can rearrange panels across multiple monitors to see all of your project's elements at a glance.
9. Takes advantage of all your displays to let you work better. See a fullscreen preview on one monitor while you edit your project on another.