FolderIco Folder Color Customizer Program

Teorex FolderIco is an amazing software to change your folder color, so that you can distinguish each folder easily. And you can customize the icon of your folder according to its priority or genre.

Easily Organize Folders in a New Way

Do you want to organize Windows folders in a new way? If so, you can try this Teorex FolderIco, which can be used to colorize your folders with ease. Then you can freely change the standard yellow folder into red, green, blue, orange or any other 12 colors. It is pretty interesting, right? This program will help you identify your folders more quickly.

easily organize folders

Why Choose Teorex FolderIco

  • New intuitive way to organize folders
  • Change folder color and icon with ease
  • Classify folders by priority
  • Customize folder icon according to your reference
  • Alter folder color or icon with a right-click
  • Identify a folder from various ones more easily
  • Fast and light tool

How it works

Teorex FolderIco is a useful tool to customize your folders. You have no need to relaunch it after installing on your Windows computer. With a right-click on the folder, you will be able to select and change the folder color and icon at will. By the way, Teorex FolderIco has been translated into various languages: English, Russian, Romanian, French, Polish, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Greek, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Arabic, Czech, Finnish, Norwegian.

Customer Feedback

It's amazing to colorize my folders on Windows 8!

- Miranda

Teorex FolderIco

Easily Customize Folder Icon and Color at Will