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Download iTunes:

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Main reasons:

Top dislike reasons:

Wildly Inefficient Updates
DRM (Boo!)
No Monitoring of Music Folders
'Pushing' of Other Programs by iTunes Installer
No Subscription Service


Find Some Good iTunes Alternatives

iTunes CANs

BACK UP/ iPhone, iPad, iPod

You can use iTunes to create backup for your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Check how to back up here.

Useful Tips:

  1. Where is iTunes backup location
  2. How to extract iTunes backup files
  3. What iTunes backs up from your iPhone

SYNC/ iPhone, iPad, iPod

  1. If you enabled the auto synchronization, your iPhone will be synced automatically everytime when you connect it to iTunes.
  2. Don't want to sync automatically? You can disable it: iTunes > Preference > Devices > Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically (tick it)

iTunes CAN'Ts

“All or nothing, that's what iTunes lets you do. You have no option to choose the item you want to backup or restore. If you insist, there is other ways out.”


Connect your iOS device and scan it to backup any data you want.

Further ReadingiTunes  VS iCloud / Which One Should I Choose?

Reasons for choosing iCloud

  1. You prefer an automatical backup everywhere when you connect toWi-Fi.
  2. You want to restore data to your device from almost anywhere via a broadband Wi-Fi connection.
  3. You don’t connect your iOS device to a Mac or PC very frequently.
  4. You don’t own a Mac or PC.

Reasons for choosing iTunes

  1. You frequently use the computer that hosts your iTunes Backups.
  2. You don't have an iCloud account or don't want to use iCloud.
  3. The photos and videos saved in your device’s Camera Roll exceed 1 GB in size, or you have very large backups.
  4. You want on-site and networked backups.