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This guide will show you how to merge two iTunes libraries as easily as possible, either between users or same, with Mac OS X (Snow Leopard, Lion included). This can be very useful for those who have one iTunes library at home Mac, say iMac, and a MacBook for work, for example. If you happen to have troubles like this, you can:

  • Get access to your whole iTunes library with any Mac
  • Download movies, music on the go with your potable Mac
  • Organize all your iTunes music, movies and more in one iTunes library
  • Sync your iTunes library to your iPod, iPhone or iPad anytime you want

Easy solution: Combine iTunes libraries in Mac OS X with iTransfer for Mac

This solution is highly recommended for its easy-to-fulfill feature. It employs iTransfer as the helper, which is a professional Mac app for transferring any media file between iOS devices and computers.

Step 1: Install iTransfer for Mac which could help you to merge two iTunes libraries on Mac with only three simple steps:

Step 2: Eject your iPod and connect it to another Mac, say, MacBook. Press no to not link your iPod with your new Mac, or erase its contents, if these options appear.

Step 3: Launce iTransfer for Mac, and backup your iPod iTunes to the local iTunes for merging the two libraries: Click the content menu you need, like Music, Photos or Videos> Select the files you want> "Export to iTunes" >Done.

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In addition, you can freely sync the videos and songs from your iPod device to Mac in only one click. When you open a category on your iPod Shuffle, this application can detect it and display the contents in the category automatically. This Mac application also supports batch files syncing. You can choose all the files you need and click "Export" to sync them to your Mac. You also can get detailed information in the user guide of iTransfer for Mac.

Bingo! That's it! With the help of iTransfer for Mac, now you can have your iTunes library on all your Macs with simple steps. Take your iTunes library with you and enjoy them on the go.

Note: For DRM protected items, you need to authorize the computer first. Then you can play the files on your Mac or other devices that you have synced files to. To do so, you can go to iTunes, and click on the Store tab, and then check Authorize this Computer... option to activate the authorization.

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How can u do it on the Same computer say I have a iPod called bob that has one playlist and a iPod that is called billy with another playlist how can I merge bob's iPod playlist with Billy's??!?!?!?!
What if i you want to combine two libraries on the same local drive? You're assuming you have a device to connect to, as that software requires...

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